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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do Your Flower Beds Look Like This?

I love spring. :) And I love spring flowers. They remind me that God is still in control of this world, that no matter what happens to us and around us He will still bring the flowers in spring.

The mums are up!

And so is the Frog's Belly. :) I have no idea what this really is but my mother-in-law, who gave it to me, called it Frog's Belly so I do too.
I wonder if the Easter Lilies will be blooming by Easter this year....I doubt it. Last year it was almost June before they bloomed.

If you look close you can see the buds on the azalea. And behind it the periwinkle has a couple of stems already up.

This is the first time this rosemary as ever had any blooms on it, and there are only a couple, but isn't it a wonderful bush? I planted it 4 or 5 years ago.

This is a different kind of rosemary and it blooms all winter long.

How could anyone not love forsythia? It's what really makes spring look like spring!

These little forsythia were just tiny stems a couple of years ago and were given to me by a friend who shared from her bushes. They aren't growing fast, but they're growing!

This carolina jasmine is heavy with blooms. I think this is the most blooms I've seen on it in the six years we've lived here. When you stand beside there's a low roar from the honeybees flying in and out.

These pansies have bloomed all winter.

And the creeping phlox has grown right through the leaves - it's a hardy plant!

Are you wondering when we're going to get these beds cleaned out? So am I! I'm babysitting and my husband is fishing. Gotta get out there soon!


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

The thing that your Mom called Frogs Belly looks like Autum Joy Sedum. Do they get nice and tall with pinkish 'blooms' in the fall?

Amelia said...

I agree that is from the Sedum family...I have had one around here for it from my sister (she called it "Old faithful" as it always came up year after year).

Your flowers are sure looking great.

I still have some beds and pots that need to be cleaned.

Enjoy the weekend - oh by the way is husband catching any fish?

OsageBluffquilter said...

My MIL calls frog bellys as by the name of live forevers.

Isn't spring a sign of refreshing?!

Marge said...

How 'bout if I come and help you clean those beds out? I would love to see things growing and turning green! So far, we're doing good in the snow melting department, but we have no green yet. Soon, I hope!

Carol said...

When you finish your gardens, come help me with mine. Husband just left for 3 weeks in Seattle, so with no meals to prepare MAYBE I will get some gardening done. Trouble is, I can't be in the sun for longer than 10 minutes. Hoping for lots of cloudy days.

Milah said...

Thanks for the tour. Soon we will catch up with you and I'll be enjoying my phlox and forsythia's too.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

God is bringing the trees and flowers to life all over the place! Spring has sprung.

brenco1 said...

Really enjoyed looking at your garden , as I do not have one and won't. My garden is whatever I plant on the front porch. Keep up the babysitting, the garden will be there tomorrow.

Tracy P. said...

No, my garden doesn't look like that! Nothing is up yet. And where you have leaves, I have deer droppings. I wonder when I'll clean THAT out! But I can't think of anything that I wouldn't like to do outside on a warm day.

Oh, and my mom called that "frogs belly" "mother hen and baby chicks". So there you go.

Jo S. said...

Hi, Marlene...loved looking at your flowers. I agree with Tracy P., it sure looks like hen and chickens to me. The Carolina Jasmine looks wonderful. It's one of my favorites. Jo S.

Marie said...

What a beautiful post Marlene! I Love spring and all the hope it brings! Our gardens are coming alive here as well!

Jan said...

Thankyou so much for the stroll round your garden Marlene ,I really enjoyed looking around ,spring is so full of hope isnt it ? Jan xx

Angie said...

Clean out the borders? They look grand to me! I think what I like about spring is just seeing what comes up. Some of it is what we planted and some of it was dropped by the birds or just came in on the wind. I see the grape hyacinths are out but we never planted any THERE!

love, Angie, xx

Jacquie said...

I honestly don't have any flower beds in my yard. We have a few trees and some rose bushes and a couple forsythias (my favorites!!).

I'm so happy today's the first day of Spring!

Rose Mary said...

Oh, it looks so pretty? Some of mine are just starting to bloom.

I have some of that 'frogs belly', too, and I used to know what it was called.

Do you know what kind of rosemary blooms all winter? Mine lives through the winter, but never blooms. I did have some catnip that bloomed some this winter--which was odd, since it usually dies back.

I enjoyed seeing your flowers!

Mary L. said...

Looks very much like our yard up here in S.E. KS (not so far from you I guess). I agre that is Sedum..Autumn Joy being one variety. The common name I'm familiar with is Live Forever.