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Monday, May 28, 2012

Trying to Keep Up!

I love Block-of-the-month quilts....sometimes we do them in my quilt guild and sometimes I do one created by one of my blogging friends.  This year I'm working on two, both from bloggers I admire.  I'm a little behind on both.  That's not unusual for me but traveling this spring really threw me off.  I've finished the March block from Promises and Borders by Jenny of Elefantz:

We're headed off to the mission where we volunteer in the summer so I have April and May traced off and in a bag with all the floss and other stuff needed so I can complete those while I'm there.  I'm taking some background too so when June and July come out I'll be ready to trace them as well.  I love this quilt and I so want to keep up!

The other BOM I'm working on, Hannah and Harrington by Michelle at Tales From The Raspberry Rabbits, has turned out not only to be adorable, but also tons of fun to stitch.  I've just finished March and April:

None of the colors are showing up correctly on blogger, even though they look okay on my computer, but you get the idea.  :)

I'm going to prepare May today and have it ready to go but I'll probably get a bit behind on this one because I don't want to take my wool with me to the mission.  Since we go for two months the car is pretty packed when we leave here and I don't think that tubby of wool added to my sewing machine, quilt projects, embroidery projects, sewing notions, etc. would make my husband smile.  :)  That's okay - this one is so much fun to do I can hardly wait until the new patterns come out so I'll catch up on it when I get  home.

Don't they look great all together?

Some of you will remember last summer when I decided I wanted to make My Whimsical Garden - many of you sent me bright colored scraps to use in it.  Pam at Passionate Purple Quilter decided to stitch along with me on it.  I'm not sure how far she has gotten because she hasn't posted about it in a while, but I finished block # 6 today!

I just noticed that this picture, taken with my IPad, is MUCH better than the ones taken with my camera.  I wonder if this means it's time for a new camera?  Hmmmmm.

I've had a busy stitching weekend...what did you do?


Purple Pam said...

Love all your blocks, Marlene. I am still on block #2 of Whimsical Garden. You are way ahead of me! I like your color choices. They are so bright and cheerful.

Julie Fukuda said...

I love these projects that are in small doable segments and can travel. Yours are all coming along so nicely. It would be hard to choose a favorite.

Lois Evensen said...

Yes, you have been busy!

What did we do? Hmm. It has been a fun weekend here. We've really relaxed because we will soon be going back to "work" in a couple of weeks. This is the end of our vacation. No big meals, just relaxation and watching the National Symphony on TV. Sadly, they were rained out, but last year's program was substituted. We were at sea last year so we were seeing the program for the first time.

Michelle said...

This weekend? I worked on sewing machines and bought sewing machines!! ;P

Michelle said...

Oh, and I LOVE ALL your quilt blocks! Wish I had more inspiration, motivation and TIME!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love to take my hand work along on trips. Have a safe and blessed time!
We went to two auctions this weekend and I never saw your sister at one!

Linda said...

Wow! They all look wonderful!
I spent most of the weekend working in the yard and painting one wall of the garage. (We've been painting our house and garage on weekends for way too long now, but the weather hasn't cooperated!) Then today we drove to the hill country and just took in the scenery!
Have fun at the mission! It's wonderful that you do that!

Beverley said...

Your blocks are lovely. Will you be able to blog when you are at the mission?

Truffle queen said...

Beautiful blocks! I'm feeling like a real slacker! Love all the color on the last 6 blocks! Looks very Swedish to me!! Have a wonderful time serving at the center in Louisiana! You are a true blessing to the center!

Gmama Jane said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! I hope I didn't miss any travel updates while me and My Verizon 4G were having a disagreement. My son tried to fix the problem and Verizon kept saying it had to be on my end of the computer. I was in and out of internet service for close to two weeks. I Finally got hold of a knowledgeable young man who diagnosed the problem and solved it in less than 10 min. I made some mistakes in following the tech's instructions but in the end, I pushed the right buttons and hopefully I won't be offline anymore. I was beginning to have online withdrawals! I missed chatting and sharing with all my online friends. In fact, I realized for the first time how much all my online relationships mean to me now that I had to go without them for 2 weeks. I love your BOM's. Both are definitely you. My favorite is the one with scripture. I don't work with wool much. Safe travels to the mission and let me know once you're settled in.

Adrienne said...

Time to head to the mission already? Where did the year go? God bless you and give you safe travels. I love the quilt blocks with Scripture verses. Can't wait to see more of your projects.

Michelle May said...

Love all your beautiful blocks. So much fun BOM's are.
Safe travels and we will be in touch. ;)

nanny said...

Oh I love your blocks....
Quilts are just the best!
I need to put some Ipad pictures on the computer and see if they are good.

Anonymous said...

Very nice blocks, it looks like you have been very busy since I last spoke with you..IzzyR

Life with Kaishon said...

Your stitching work is so beautiful. My Grammy used to belong to a quilt group with her church. I remember the beautiful quilts she made. I had one on my bed when I was little. I miss her every day.