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Sunday, November 9, 2014

T'was the night Schedule may not know the dictionary definition of it but you definitely know the feeling you have when you're waiting for something!  Waiting is the hardest thing we do sometimes.  Waiting for a new baby or for a birthday or a phone call or a loved one to come home...or for a holiday, we all share that effervescent feeling of anticipation .  No matter what holiday you celebrate or when you celebrate it there are always gifts involved.  The T'was The Night hop is just what we need to give us wonderful make-it-in-a-night ideas!

Welcome to T'was The is the schedule of all of our ladies in this hop who are going to be bringing you some brand new ideas, and a few old ones,  for your holiday gifts.  Be sure you visit each one on their assigned day - some will have tutorials, some will have giveaways and some will have something you absolutely, positively cannot live without!

Enjoy the season and be sure to cheer them all. YOU will touch their HEART as well as your own!

Tuesday, Nov. 11

Wednesday, Nov. 12 

Thursday, Nov. 13

Friday, Nov. 14

Monday, Nov. 17

Tuesday, Nov. 18

Wednesday, Nov. 19

Thursday, Nov. 20

Friday, Nov. 21


Needled Mom said...

Looking forward to the fun!!!!

krislovesfabric said...

Thanks for all your work getting here, I look forward to the fun starting tomorrow :)