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Monday, October 5, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

1. Applique 6 blocks of the wool sampler. I only got five done but I just love this sampler! And yes there are six blocks here because I started writing this post several days and since then I've completed the sixth one. :) I'm ready to put the sashing on these and then I'll start the borders.

2. Complete 4 blocks of the redwork baby quilt. That didn't happen. I did get one done but didn't realize how much detail there is on that quilt. I'll show you a picture next month.
3. Embroider and make 2 redwork baby bibs. I'm more than half way good with these - I finished the redwork for both but only actually made one bib so far. My sewing machine started having a problem which I've since corrected so this week I'll make the other one.
4. Embroider one fall tea towel. Nope, didn't get this started.

5. Embroider one fall wall hanging. I drew it onto the fabric. That's good right?

6. Get two pumpkin applique blocks put together. What was I thinking? It takes me a couple of hours apiece to put these blocks together - maybe more! There weren't that many extra hours in my month!

7. Applique the border for the sampler quilt. Haven't started - does it count that I got the leaves and flowers ironed on and it's all ready to stitch?
At the beginning of the year when I decided to put monthly goals I thought it would really inspire me to work hard. Now I've decided I work hard all the time anyway! but that doesn't mean I get more done. Maybe I should work harder on inventing a way to add more hours to my day. Then I'd be a billionaire and I wouldn't have to do all the housework, errands, etc. that take time away from my sewing. :) Wouldn't it be nice to tell someone each morning: today go to the pharmacy, the cleaners, the library and WalMart. Then mop the kitchen, dust the ceiling fans, and clean out the living room closet. When you're done .... I think I'd like that!


OsageBluffquilter said...

Awesome wool blocks. I can tell the appliques are wool, is the background fabric wool too? Will you make them into a quilt?

Lori said...

Lovin the wool blocks! That's on my bucket list of things to learn to do.

Tracy P. said...

Your work is so gorgeous! I wish I got half as much done as you do!