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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a new Daily Deals website that is similar to Groupon, but took the post down because I couldn't decide if I should or shouldn't.  I try to be careful what I post on here because I feel like all of my readers are such good friends to me.  We've shared so much with each other - good times and bad.  The new business is called Moolala and has been "birthed" by my nephew and a couple of friends so you can see my dilemma - this is family!  And there's nothing more important than family....except my best blogging buddies.  :)

I'm going to tell you a little about Moolala and you can decide what you want to do with the information because I don't want you to miss out on an opportunity like this if you are at all interested.  I promise to go back to quilt stuff tomorrow.  :)

Like Groupon, Moolala will be offering one deal every day to interested folks.  Typically the deals I see on Groupon are gift cards to places you might want to buy something, eat something, participate in something, etc. at anywhere from 40%-90% off the regular price.  For instance, I saw a great one before Christmas to Cold Water Creek - a store dear to my heart!  But Moolala will be a little different in that they will be giving you a 2% refund on any deals you buy.  In addition, they have a "matrix" setup where if you invite friends to sign up, and they do, and then they invite friends to sign up and they do, you get 2% back on anything they buy.  It sounds like a pyramid but there's no cost to this at all - it's totally free.  Unless you decide to buy one of the deals, that is.  And the refund you get goes to four levels below you.  There's a video on the site that explains this a lot better than I can.  :)

The deals haven't started yet but will soon.  I'm already signing up people under me though so that when the deals do start I won't miss one and so my friends and family won't miss one.  And the chance to earn a few dollars on this would be great for my fabric budget.  :)  If this sounds at all like something you would be interested in then click the link below or over on my right sidebar, sign up, and then invite your friends to sign up too.  If you're not interested, then ignore this and come back tomorrow to see what quilt stuff I'm working on!     Moolala link!


Val said...

I have subscribed to it. This sounds pretty neat. But the video is not working with my computer right now but will watch later on. It is probably because of my security settings. I will fix it. By the way go and check out the post I just did. I have linked to you at he bottom. You will see why and I thank you for it.

Pamela Erwin said...

Hey! So glad you decided to write about us!
Thank you!!

for the Moolala Member Experience Team