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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just a Reminder - and Important Information for the Wanttobe Quilter Campaign

If you haven't submitted your name for the Wanttobe Quilter Campaign yet - why not?  If you're having problems figuring out what to do here's one way to do it:

GET a GOOGLE account
Google accounts are free and simply allow you to have a second e-mail address to use for contests if you don't want it to be your main account.

Don't be a No Reply Blogger
Comments on Stash Manicure automatically go into Madame Samm's e-mail inbox.  But if your settings aren't correct she can't reply to you.  Here's how to fix that - to make sure you aren't a No Reply Blogger:

Here is what you can do:
  1. In, click on Dashboard.
  2. Select Edit Profile.
  3. Check the box for "Show my Email Address."
  4. Save changes.

    Easy...right?  :)

    REGISTER IN this Campaign
    Either leave a comment on this post telling me you want to enter the campaign and I'll e-mail you back or e-mail me directly at with your name, e-mail address, and telephone number.  This information will be sent to Madame Samm but it will be destroyed after the campaign.

    Comment on the Appropriate Posts

    If you are a Wanttobe Quilter (have no tools or experience) or a quilter who does not have a blog you comment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    If you are a quilter with a blog you can comment on Tuesday and Thursday.

    Be sure you are a follower on this blog and on Stash Manicure and that you also follow each of those who are posting on Stash Manicure.  Some of you don't like to "follow" I know - you prefer bookmarking.  But just for this campaign you will need to follow.  You can always "unfollow" later.  :)  And when you win you will need to pay for the shipping but:

    and we ship the lowest rate possible
    ( may take longer but we have
    everything insured)


Deb said...

Just stopped by to visit your blog. I've missed a few posts so I have enjoyed my coffee while catching up on your blog. I always enjoy it.

Patty C. said...

It's such a wonderful campaign !!!!
I want to thank you & your sponsors for all of the wonderful Goodies ;)

I certainly appreciate all of the time and creative energy put into this endeavor !!!

Carol said...

OK - followed your directions again. I'll check Wantobe on Tues.
Are you home yet?

Lee said...

Thank you for the instuctions - i have no blog so will comment on the correct days! :) enjoying you blog as always - thanks for all the work on the wannabe campaign.

donna a said...

So glad you are back home! I would love to enter the giveaway but I am afraid I am computer iliterate! (Is that spelled right?) Hope that is the last of your migraines - they are crummy. Aleve is the only thing that touches it for me! Get some rest!