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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Day Four - Another Ghastlie Day!

Here's where you Ghastlie fans want to go today - don't skip a one because they're all Ghastlie fun!

 ON Thursday October 27th 
Day 4

           Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              

We've already had lots of winners, just take a peek:

On Monday for the Ghastlie Fabric Giveaway....Alexander Henry.... 
the Lady of the Cloth
from Mrs Kirie Ghastlies Shape

On Tuesday the Wheeled PINK Sewing BAG went 
to Cherise from Mrs Annies Ghastlie Fans...

 On Wednesday theGhastlie fabric went to Sheri and Jackie 
from Mrs Penny and Mrs Karen Ghaslties

And you could be next!  Be sure you visit everyone and comment - you know you want to.  :)

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CarolCHO said...

Luv all of your projects but the canvas bag is my favorite!What a beautiful job.Thanks for sharing :)