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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Sewing

When we were in Colorado I bought some fat quarters of white Glow-In-The-Dark fabric.  I didn't know what I wanted to do with it but I knew it would be fun to have.  The first fat quarter went into this pillowcase.
I did the embroidery on the Glow fabric and it wasn't hard to needle at all - I thought it might be.
I have a couple more fat quarters of this so I think I'll try some applique on it next.

Not too long ago I asked if you Pinterest....a fairly new website where you can "pin" pictures, websites, blogs, etc. on virtual Boards so that you can go right back to them when you want to be reminded.  I find Pinterest easier that bookmarks.  It seems I look at a bookmark and the title/name doesn't tell me why I wanted to mark it.  :(  Anyway one of the sites I pinned recently was Perpetual Plum who made a really cute fabric storage cube.  Today I went back to that site (I had pinned the picture on one of my boards and it was so easy to find!) and made one of my own.
 It was so easy to make and with a little help from my husband (he put in the grommets for me) I had it done in about an hour or so.  I did learn a lesson while making it - this would be best done with two cottons, not one cotton and one cotton flannel.  I'd forgotten how much flannel likes to stretch!

It's a beautiful Sunday, the sermon was great, the laundry is almost finished, I got to sew a little, and I might even get a nap.  :)  How was your Sunday?


Gail said...

Wonderful creations.

Carol said...

Hi Marlene! Glad you're being so creative! Funny how a change in season will do that for you.

We went to church this morning and had a good workout (singing...both hubby and I are in the choir). Then I mowed the needed it and we're expecting rain toward the end of the week. After that, I read some and sewed (x-stitch).

Thanks for sharing your projects. You keep me focused!

Carol (NJ)

Val said...

So far so good. We went to Church and then went to take lunch to my daughter that just had the new baby. All was well there so we came home and I have crocheted a little. And I LOVE Pinterest!!! I need to look you up. Are we friends on facebook? I am hooked on Pinterest too. Love your pillowcases and fabric storage cube.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Marlene, these are both great!! I should have made these fabric boxes for my fabric closet makeover!!! Maybe I still will...thanks for showing them.

Julie Fukuda said...

That pillow case is so cute! I have one kid-friendly print that is supposed to glow in the dark. I have put it in a number of quilts but I have never seen how it looks as they have all been given away. Sunday was OK and today is a holiday here but I have a nasty cold so things could be better.

Gmama Jane said...

Love the pillow!! Your embroidery looks machine quality! and that fabric box? That would have taken me all day. I would have inevitably made 2-3 mistakes and gotten "frusterated" as my sweet baby James says it!
Fall is for nesting.

Marie said...

Love, the pillow, the embroidery, the cloth bucket and Pinterest! I could spend hours on there. I love that I can keep the things that I find and like all in one place and they are then easy for me to refer back to. It can be quite addictive though! xxoo

Arkansas Patti said...

So they really glow in the dark? I am so light sensitive, that would probably keep me awake. A kid would love it.
Love that box. Well done.

Nezzy said...

Oh Honey, Sunday bein' a day of rest is a big old joke for this Ozark Farm Chick.

Hubs and I both teach a Sunday School class... mine's Pre~teen. Somebody's gotta!!! Then I go right into Kid's Church were I'm the director. Home to the farm where we catch up on duties 'round here then back to church Sun. evenin'.

I often giggle and recite..."day of rest, day of we head out to the car on Sunday morns'.

I sure hope ya'll took a nap for the both of us 'cause baby...I'm tired! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

Truffle queen said...

I love the pillowcase! I'll have to look for the glow-in-the-dark fabric!! Wow - you could figure out how to make that box from the photos?! I'm going to give it a try - crossing my fingers!!?

Rose Mary said...

The pillowcase is so cute! I love the b/w fabric. The little fabric cube looks like a handy thing to have. I haven't joined Pinterest, yet, but everybody seems to love it!

Carolyn said...

I love your pillowcase! Adorable! And I love your other precious project, too. I have yet to figure out Pinterest. I'm on there and people keep pinning me, whatever that is, but I haven't sat down and figured out how it works. I know there are people who swear by it. I'll have to check it out.

Madame Samm said...

OHHH love your projects..the pillow case...just the stitching x

Annie said...

Adorable pillow case and very cool fabric cube!

Pat said...

Very cute fabric basket - oh how I love fabric baskets, trays, and totes - I have no idea why :)