Don't let the difficulties of the present moments overshadow the reality of God's promises. God's promises still stand. And God's promises are stronger than our failures.

Monday, August 23, 2010

One Thousand Blessings - Day Seven

183. Flush toilets
184. Light switches
185. Typing tables that roll and that will hold my sewing machine
186. Really good lotion
187. White hair
188. Church buses
189. Chickens
190. Asparagus
191. Sunday School teachers
192. Corvairs (anybody remember those?)
193. Jeans with just a touch of spandex
194. Cameras
195. Rock and Roll music
196. Jeanette Oake
197. Hallmark Television
198. Prayer lists
199. Assisted Living facilities
200. Monkeys
201. The American Flag
202. Parades
203. Farmer's Markets
204. Purses
205. Vitamins
206. Preachers
207. Church friends
208. The Upper Room
209. Deep bathtubs
210. Trout
211. Cold mornings
212. Morning Glorys
213. Cute things grandchildren say
214. Mosquito repellant
215. Benedryl
216. Wasp spray
217. Wicker porch furniture
218. Rocking chairs on front porches
219. Elvis
220. Michael Bolton
221. Funnel cakes
222. Lamplight at dusk
223. Calendars I can write on
224. Remembering someone's name that I couldn't think of for days!
225. Post It Notes
226. Filtered water
227. Sonic Diet Cherry Limeades with extra ice
228. Throw rugs
229. Refrigerator magnets
230. Feminine products - hey this is my list and I'm thankful for them :)
231. Beauticians who say "I'll work you in" when I call at the last minute
232. Doctors who return calls themselves
233. Parks
234. Weddings


Jacquie said...

This must be my favorite list so far because there were SO many that jumped out at me... but here are just a few:
#186 - it is so hard to find a good lotion that you just LOVE
#187 - I saw a lady with really white hair the other night. I told Dave that if I knew my hair would be that white and not salt and pepper, I believed I'd just do it. He argued that she colored it. It was to the roots... how do you tell?? Do people color their hair gray/silver??
#192 - We had a convertable Corvair. Love those old cars
#194 - Ever since I've been doing Project 365, I want a really good camera. So. Bad.
#197 - I spend many a weekend curled up with the Hallmark Channel. I'm already counting down to the Christmas movies. LOVE THEM.
#201 - I can cry at just seeing an American Flag. Put the National Anthem with it and I'm a gonner!! I LOVE MY COUNTRY!
#224 - I do that all the time.

I'm having so much fun with your lists!!! And we're only in the 200s!

Jody Blue said...

How do you keep track of them all...I'd be repeating way too much, not that I don't have 10,000 blessings in my life I just tend to get really happy about some that are front and center. Then again I would guess and exercise in naming 1000 makes you look beyond the front and center:)

Arkansas Patti said...

Flush toilets pretty much are taken for granted till the power goes off and water is unavailable, then it moves to #1.
So far, you have hit the nail head every time.

Angie said...

#230 - so am I!

Grammy Staffy said...

I was in bed this morning thinking about your blog and the 1000 things I am thankful for. I thought I should do my own blessings list, but I quickly gave up on the idea because I realized that I could never remember the things I'd already listed and would repeat I will continue to enjoy your list and nod my head in agreement.
I am thinking of you. God bless you in your good works. My grandson's missionary farewell is this coming Sunday and then he will be off to Guatemala for 2 years. He is 19.... I'm sure the work and learning the language will be hard for him but he will be blessed with the ability to serve....God will give him the strength to do His work just like He is for you and your dh.

I'm sending hugs, Lura

Purple Pam said...

Love it! Go, girl, go!

Cindy - Letters From Midlife said...

Enjoying your continued list! Flush toilets is high on my list of gratitude too! lol!