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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She Did What She Could

I read a post today written by Cindy at Letters From Midlife and was struck by the wisdom in what she wrote - so much so that I wanted to share it with you. In this post she talks about Mary from the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible. Whether or not you are of the Christian faith Cindys words ring true - if we all do what we can to help others the world will be a better place. When you see a need and you answer with "Here am I, send me!" it doesn't necessarily mean you leave your home. You can just serve where you are in small ways and in so doing you can change the world. Read it; I think it will touch your heart as it did mine.


Arkansas Patti said...

Wonderful article. I truly believe there are no "small" acts of kindness.They all count and do add up.

Cindy - Letters From Midlife said...

It was a challenge to myself first and foremost. I often fight the mindset of not doing anything because I think my little bit won't matter, but it does.

Thanks for sharing my post.

Anonymous said...

My husband's grandmother's funeral was on this topic...She did what she could! This was 30 years ago, and yet it stuck with me all these years later. So true!