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Thursday, July 18, 2013


This was a gift from the bride to her new mother-in-law.

Which made me think of all the little things people do to make other people feel special and good about themselves.  This particular bride married my grandson a few weeks ago so you can be sure that I already know how my daughter, her mother-in-law now, feels about her new daughter-in-love.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the drive thru at Starbucks.  I know, it's high calorie but I got non-fat milk so that makes it ok.  Right?  Yes it does.  So says me.  (For you Weight Watchers folks I counted the points!)  The guy in front of me paid for my drink!  I have no idea who he was and am pretty sure I didn't know him.  I was so thrilled and wished I could tell him how that lifted my spirits.  A few days later I did the same for someone else.  That's a little thing but I wonder how far it many people behind us did the same for someone else.  Thoughtfulness is contagious.

Quilters are the best ever at thoughtfulness.  No matter what tragedy happens, what disaster occurs, what child is sick, what cancer patient is tired of fighting the battle, what soldier feels ignored by his nation....quilters are there.  Literally thousands of quilts have been donated to others in the four years I've been blogging.  I know that because I read about the bloggers doing the organizing and the bloggers doing the quilting and I've even joined in a few myself.  And I am so thankful for their thoughtfulness.

Another place bloggers can express their thoughtfulness is over at Sew We Quilt.  On Madame Samm's right sidebar there's a button, a link to a place where you can donate a dollar or twenty to help buy sewing machines for those who desperately want to sew, to quilt, but literally cannot afford a machine.  Yes, they can sew by hand.  Many do.  But to have a sewing machine is a dream for some, a dream that sounds unattainable.  If you're so minded drop over there and click on the button.  Every dollar adds up and if you give a dollar and you tell someone and they give a dollar and they tell someone and.....  How awesome would that be!


Peggy Lee said...

I love the necklace. So thoughtful.
I think next time I go through Starbucks (for a grande skinny vanilla latte, of course) I'll pay for someone's coffee behind me. What a sweet idea!

paulette said...

The same thing happened to me in Starbucks. I could tell this lady and her daughter were in a hurry so I let them go ahead of big deal! And she ended up thanking me by buying me a Mocha Frapaccino (light..of course!:o) Very sweet! I played it forward the next day by buying a box of dog food and a sandwich for the homeless man outside Safeway. It just takes something small to make a difference in someone's day!! Thanks for reminding us!
Love the necklace idea!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Whatcha sweet gift to your daughter. Sounds like she got a thoughtful D I L.
I hope the knee surgery goes well. My good friend had it a month ago and she is doing well. She said the pain is much less now than before the surgery. I think the pillow you made is adorable. Hugs, Lura

Adrienne said...

That necklace is perfect! I love it. I would have felt SO honored to have one given to me. My dear daughter-in-law has done some wonderful things that say the same message to me - things from her heart to mine! My dear, little mother and her friend recently met for lunch. When they went to pay they were told that the man across from them had enjoyed them so much and the memories of his sweet mother so he paid for their lunches. I love it when someone 'pays it forward'!

Grammasheri said...

A wonderful reminder that our actions have profound effects on those around us. Such power in simple acts of kindness! And a reminder too that there are lots and lots of good people in our world, willing to help,happy to bless others. I have been both challenged and encouraged by your post. Thank you!

Sharon Dawn said...

Great post and wonderful necklace! It is good to remember that a little gift given from the heart multiplies!