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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Burning Questions

BQ number 1 is about olive oil. I love olive oil and use it a lot. I found this new brand at WalMart yesterday and it's pretty good (see picture on left). I keep it on my counter near the stove in one of these thingies (picture on the right). You know the thingie I'm talking about - vinegar in one, oil in one? Can't remember the name of the thingie but my memory is awful since I drink way too many diet sodas with aspartame. You know aspartame causes short term memory loss don't you? Where was I? Oh yea, last year I bought a huuuuuge bottle of olive oil at Sam's but didn't use nearly as much as I thought I would so by the time I got to the bottom half of the bottle it was old and tasted bad. And smelled bad. I kept it in the pantry which obviously was a mistake. I tried putting it in the fridge but it ended up looking like this:

My BQ is: how do you store olive oil so it keeps it's taste and smell but doesn't end up looking like the solid fat I know it is. Cause when I see it like this I keep picturing this stuff on my hips.

BQ number 2. This is my magic bush! Isn't it just beautiful? It grows underneath my kitchen window in dirt so hard you cannot get a shovel in it. It lies midway between the air conditioner on it's right and the garbage can on it's left. I'd show you the garbage can but I already took it to the curb for morning pickup. I don't water it. I don't fertilize it. I don't trim it. I also don't know it's name - we've never been introduced. BQ number two - Do you know this plant? If so, would you please make the introductions between us since it lives at my house!

BQ number 3 - and this one is driving me nuts. How come when you type your post all pretty and neat in the box it doesn't end up on your blog the way you put it in? For instance, in this post I originally posted the first two questions but then when I looked at the actual post "BQ nu" ended up between the two pictures when in my draft there were 3 or 4 sentences there? Is there some blogger spy lurking in there somewhere to sabotage my posts for some unknown reason? And if there is, why doesn't he like me? I'm nice, I take daily showers, I got a haircut today and I'm not shaggy anymore, and I'm kind to animals and old people. What's his problem?


Sandra Coleman Clarke said...

I think the plant is oakleaf hydrangea. Sandra

Purple Pam said...

Your blogger gnome must be the same one that takes the paragraph spacing out of my posts. My drafts look great, but when I post, they go elsewhere, but certainly not in my blog! I have found that if I do not do a spell check, I have better luck with my paragraph spacing. Now why is that, I wonder?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

My comment just got eaten. Maybe he's after me too! but whoever he is, he's a nut! What else could he be to mess with you and your work?

My family eats so much olive oil that it never has time to go bad. Perhaps that should be a sign to me to ease up.

Karen said...

I don't know the answer to any of your burning questions but would like to. I never know what brand of olive oil to buy. I figure the lowest price is not the way to go. Maybe someone can answer that too.
Is your garbage can pretty?

Karlo said...

Good Job! :)