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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Staying Young At Heart

There's just something about children that keeps you young at heart. The joy on their faces when they see something that looks like fun will make your heart turn over every time. Their energy may wear you down but it will also rejuvenate you when you thought you were just too tired to go on. And just when you think you can't love them any more, you do. They go through every emotion there is sometimes in an hour, and you can see every bit of it on their faces. They are so open and honest - I sometimes wish adults could be so open but if we were could we really handle it? I don't know. If it's been a while since you've vacationed with children I recommend it. It's way fun.

One morning we went to the Children's Museum in downtown San Antonio. What a great place! I saw these quilts:

I don't know anything about their history but it's obvious that children played a large part in the design and creation of them. They were simply wonderful and if you close your eyes you can just see the boys and girls at work as they decide exactly what's going where.

I drank tea. Over and over. Gallons of tea. If it had been real I'd never have made it out of the bathroom. The 2 year old loves dishes and small tables with chairs, and anything that goes in a kitchen. And this museum has a wonderful "house" with a victorian living room and a small kitchen.

There are tons of little rooms for children to play in. There were a grocery store, a post office, a bank, an airplane, and a place to pan for gold/dig for diamonds. There was a room with nothing but bubble mixture and wands and even a wand you could stand in to make a bubble around you. There was a telescope and a microscope (with several slides of ordinary things). Kids can climb on and in and under a myriad of objects.

There's a kid's cafe where my granddaughter made a new friend. They played in there for the longest time serving her parents breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her friend was a maitre'd (haven't a clue how to spell that!) and stood perfectly at attention with the menus in hand waiting on customers. I mean he had that act down pat! Granddaughter waited tables over and over and over. The friend tried to get her to don the chef's hat but she wanted no part of that. She just wanted to be the waitress and her parents must have had breakfast, lunch, and dinner 8 times over!

These were what my husband called Grandpa Chairs. He made good use of them.

There were several daycare groups of kids there. Several. Many. Lots. I heard one teacher tell her group that they had to always be able to see her. Was she kidding - they couldn't see her when she was talking! All they could see was other kids playing and beating them to the good stuff.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see what we can do next!


Sonnja said...

Lovely the childrenquilt!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Marlene,

It sure seems like you are having fun!!! I love that picture of your granddaughter serving tea - too adorable!

Anonymous said...

Come Home!!!!! I miss you! I'm glad your having a great time, but you made me tired just reading about your adventures.

Lori said...

Isn't it fun to just watch your grandbabies play? I swear I could sit and do it forever.

Tracy P. said...

Your kids and grandkids are so blessed to have you! How great that you are healthy and available and loving life enough to enjoy them and find balance with your own endeavors. And also to keep learning! You will be young for a very long time. :-)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a good grandmomma you are!
And I'm with you--being around children is just inspiring. I keep trying to remind myself to be more like a child--and not just for eating dessert first!

diamondstatecurlygurl said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on the trip... it's like I'm getting to enjoy it without the exhaustion :-) And.. thank you (and Dad) for being such great Grandparents - you are both amazing and I am truly blessed that you belong to me. LY

bumblebeebags said...

What a wonderful post...your granddaughter is so lucky to have you. Unfortunately some people forget how wonderful little children are, they get to focused on wanting them to be quiet and sit still. It is SO nice to see someone appreciated the beauty that is all theirs!

Tipper said...

If we adults could just see the world through the eyes of a child what a difference it would make. Love the imaginary tea-been a while since I had any.

Dawn said...

You both are so special and will remain that way to your dear grandchildren. Even when they are grown, they will know what a blessing it is to have such loving grandparents.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Marlene,

Thanks for your kind comment on my first quilt - it was pretty crazy of me, wasn't it? Of course, I didn't think of it before I started the quilt. Learned some valuable lessons through it though! :)

Enjoy the rest of your trip!