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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Frustration is the Rule of the Day...and May Goals

As most of you will remember I put my computer in the hospital three weeks ago. I took it to Best buy (where I bought it) and with a great gnashing of teeth left it to be placed into the hospital. Eighteen days later they called and said I could pick it up. The problem was that instead of sending it to the Hot Springs store like I asked they sent it back to the Ft. Smith store where I had been but wasn't any more. I had three options. They could ship it to me at home but according to the geek squad clerk the last time they did that it got lost and was never found again. Scratch that. I could drive 2 1/2 hours to Ft. Smith, pick it up, and drive 2 1/2 hours home again. That's one ruined day. Option three: I could get my daughter-in-law to pick it up on Wednesday, drive it to Conway on Thursday (she was going there anyway), give it to my son who was working there and who could give it to my husband who was also there, and who could drive it home to me Friday night. I chose option three to save time and gasoline. Whew! It arrived home last night Literally. They replaced the "motherboard" and I supposed they put in a motherboard to match this mother who uses it - one with arthritis in her joints which makes her very slow. Good grief! I shall return it to Best Buy with a frowning face.

I overestimated what I could do in the month of May...I seem to do that a lot. I didn't realize how tired I would be after carrying around this 20 pound bundle of joy. I was too tired at night to sew! However, I did finish the embroidery on this Friendship piece. This is done on khaki colored Kona cotton with black thread. I first saw this made into a pillow and I might do that. But I think I'd like it framed too so I'll wait to decide.

Remember this ugly brown quilt? I was given the brown and brown print triangles to make into a charity quilt for a child. I hated it. It was not a happy quilt. I added the stars and that helped but not enough.

Then I added a face to the big star but the blue just didn't seem to stand out.

Then Lindi sent me this wonderful monkey clown fabric all the way from Australia! Now I think any child will enjoy seeing all the monkeys and their costumes. Lindi saved the day...and the quilt!

I didn't lose the 5 pounds I wanted but I did lose 3 more which puts me up to 19 since Christmas - yea! Now if I can lose 19 more before next Christmas I'll be one happy camper. :)

Ya'll keep your fingers crossed that I don't have to leave my computer in the hospital again. :(


Karen said...

A very cute, but sad story about your computer.
And what a metamorphosis has happened to the brown quilt!

Lindi said...

The monkeys certainly made a difference. Glad I had them to send to you!

Marie said...

Sorry about your computer Marilyn! Computer woes can be so frustrating! You certainly have picked up that brown quilt with your monkey fabric! What a transformation!

Tracy P. said...

The quilt is so cute!! I miss you when you're gone. Hope all gets ironed out with your computer.

Love Bears All Things said...

I had to carry my old computer to Best Buy. I couldn't tell they helped it one iota.
Thanks for reminding me about the goals. I think you're doing great.
Mama Bear

Grammy Staffy said...

I am sorry about the computer problems. I can relate since mine had to be in the hospital twice this year.... but at least I didn't have to find a way to get it back home from 21/2 hours away just to find it was still not working right!!!

I am so proud of your weight loss. Needless to say with the cruise and all the traveling I've done this May I am not getting on a scale. I am afraid that I found all of the pounds that you lost. Keep up the good work...maybe I will get on the program and join you.
Your quilt is darling now. Monkeys will surely perk up any child that gets it.

Have a great Sunday and rest of the week. (((Hugs))) Lura

Angie said...

Your Best Buy sounds like our PC World. Why are employees of computer shops always fully paid-up members of the geek squad? Isn't there a little chap trying to scratch a living who could do it for you instead?

My niece's 2½ year old son has a laptop of his own (an old one of mummy's) AND can work the thing! He can't talk but he can work a computer. What is the world coming to?

Congratulations for your weight loss. After all your running around and cruising and other adventures lately, I don't think you will have gained any :) so don't worry about it

love, Angie, xx

Susannah said...

Any little child would love the little brown quilt now. I love the star's red face!
Good luck with you computer.
Your grandson is toooo cute!

Friends, Susannah

Marge said...

Don't talk to me about computers and Best Buy! Two years ago when I brought in my year old computer, they informed me that the warrenty that I paid big bucks for wouldn't cover the repair! I was not happy! Seems they love to take your money, but don't hold up their end of the bargain!

Congrats on the weight loss. I'm also working at it. Not a fun task, is it.

Be blessed.

Teresa said...

Ah, the quilt is very cute now..wtg. So sorry about your computer, that is so frustrating.

Purple Pam said...

I like the improvements you made on your quilt. And the picture of that cutie is priceless!

brenco1 said...

Glad you have your computer back from the hospital, but mine did not fair as well. After being put in ICU, they pronounced on it the next day. Bill had to order me a new one and with ball tournaments he has not had time to set it up. The charity quilt is adorable and the fabric really gives it interest. May was not wasted because of the memories you made with the little ones. Those moments are sooo important.

Veggie Mom said...

You are just an ARTISTE, plain and simple! I'm going to get Aunt Julie to take some more snaps of her work, so we can share...

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Marlene, it's so good to have you back and reading your post. Andrew has grown so much. Cute or I should say handsome little fellow.
I really like the monkey fabric added to the quilt.
Keep Stitchen'

Valerie said...

I sure hope you get your computer fixed. I can imagine how you feel. The picture of the baby is darling. I love your quilt too.

Tipper said...

Sorry about your computer woes-I hope they fix it right for you this time. I like the additions to the quilt-perks it up!

Rose Mary said...

I hope they get if fixed the right way this time!

What a darling picture of Andrew!

Marilyn R said...

I think the monkey fabric was the perfect fix for this quilt too. What child would not love this quilt!