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Monday, November 24, 2008

Computers vs. Best Buy

A week or so ago I told you that the keys on my laptop were sticking. That wasn't really true I was told by my daughter. They were "lagging" or something else technical. Whatever, as my teenage grandchildren would say. I hadn't poured a Diet Dr. Pepper on the keys so they weren't "sticking." Some of the letters just didn't show up on the screen when I typed them. But that was only on G-mail when I was trying to answer an e-mail. Never on Word when I was typing a document. Strange, huh?

Thursday afternoon I took my computer to Best Buy where I bought it. I walked right up to the counter to speak to one of the members of the Geek Squad. Nice kids. Not all of them actually look like Geeks, though some do. The one I talked to that time didn't. He said, "no problem...I think I know what's wrong." And he worked on it for about 30 minutes. While I stood there. I didn't have to leave it! I was ecstatic. While he was working I told him that it also kept popping up a message that my D Drive (Recovery Drive) was full, but I didn't think it was. I don't know exactly what he did about the keys but he did something. Then he deleted a folder in my D Drive that I had put there but that I shouldn't have and said I was fixed. Yippee!

I went home, turned on the computer and started answering e-mail. Keys sticking. D Drive full. So I loaded up and drove back to Best Buy. This time the kid looked like a geek. He loaded all the "updates." Ok.....we'll see. I drive home and start the computer again. Keys sticking. D Drive full. Grrrrrrrrr.

Friday I'm busy and don't have time to take it back again. Saturday I turn it on to read e-mail and get a pop up that says my Adobe Flashbox has a problem, would I please uninstall it and reinstall? Sure, I can do that. I don't even know what Adobe Flashbox is but I can uninstall and reinstall. So I do. And guess what. My keys don't stick any more. But that darn D Drive is still full.

Anybody know how to get this thing to quit telling me I'm low on disk space on the D Drive?


Marge said...

I am having the exact same problem. Keys stick in gmail, and here on blogger. And I have huge issues with the geeks at that store, so that's not an option for me, and besides it was my last computer I got there, not this one. This one came from Wallyworld. CHEAP. But it's less than two years old.......guess I'll check around and see if I have Adobe Flashbox.....And my D drive isn't full, so ummmm, don't know what's the problem here.

Hope you're up and running again. I can't do email.....67 skipped letters and spaces in a shot email. Don't have time for that!

Michelle said...

Do you have Vista or XP? Do you do your updates manually, or automatically? If you have XP, do you ever defragment? Is your virus protection up to date? You could go to windows update and check for all available updates, even the optional ones. Maybe some of your hardware drivers need updated. Do you have any registry fix programs? I have used those for problems and sometimes that helps. Have you tried the windows help in your computer? Maybe there is a 'fix' or help there.

About your D drive being full, do you empty your temporary internet files? There is a setting which will empty them each time you close your internet explorer, and that will save space. Also get rid of your cookies. It is possible that you have spyware on your computer and you don't know it. There are some free spyware programs you could download and run and see if that helps.

You could also call your laptop company and find out if there are any recalls or updates on any of the hardware available from them that would help.

Just full of questions, aren't I?
Good luck!

Gene Black said...

You may just need to empty the trash. Windows doesn't really free up the space when you delete something until you empty the trash can.

Janet, said...

Sorry, I'm not any help with your problems. Hope you get it fixed. I am lucky I have two sons that are very computer savvy. I'm always yelling (so they can hear me through their ear phones they usually have on) "Could you come here, I need your help....please!"

Marie said...

Sorry I have no answers for you Marlene! I am a total moron when it comes to computer problems! I am an expert in computer frustration though! Many thanks Marlene for the lovely card and beautiful little suprise that popped through my mail box yesterday! You are such a sweetheart and I adore it. I shall cherish it always! (((hugs))) XXOO

Suze said...

here's a thread that talks about the D drive full problem:

- last post talks about turning off the dang message..if you are not sufficiently geeky to know to back up your registry, print it out and have the Geek guys do least the message will disappear! It seems to me its probably bogus anyway...

Niki :-) said...

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Angie said...

oh-ooooh Marlene - I never heard of gmail and I never realised that the D-drive had any particular significance and geeky kids in computer shops scare me half to death. Am I headed for a fall or what!! At one time I actually thought I was getting somewhere with 'computerism' - that was until I found out that an x-box is NOT that little thing in the top right hand corner of the screen. Oh well............

love, Angie, xx

debbie said...

I'm no computer techie however my daughter who has a degree in Computer science said this when I explained your problem to her.
She said: Turn your keyboard over and lightly tap to remove debris. Give it an air spray to be sure everything's out.
Delete any unnecessary files and folder including your internet cache to free up Disk space.
De frag while you're at lunch once a week if you are a fairly heavy user.
Does Blogger or Gmail have a help tab? If so avail yourself of this free help.Since you only have the problem here it may be their technical problem and not your computer.
If your computer is in warranty go to the appropriate website and avail yourself of their free support. And finally run your spy ware detection program.
I hope this helps!

Vicky said...

I don't know how since my hubby is the computer person here, but we have our settings so that all updates, de-fragging, etc run at night while we are sleeping. Since patience isn't one of my virtues, that works well.

deb said...

Funny I blogged about the same dang thing only its my C drive that is full........and I have deleted everything there is to delete..............Ive been complaining so much hubby bought me a new one today but he bought a MAC, like theres another thing I will HAVE to learn, and I dont want to learn anything new!!!!!!!!

Mberenis said...

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