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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Precious Memories

Today I went to a gun show. My first ever. There was more testosterone in that room than at a Razorback game! It wasn't a huge room and there was a horse auction going on in the next room/arena. Yep, I said horse auction. You could smell it. Enough said.

I was amazed at the number of people who paid $8 to get into this show, amazed that I paid $8 to get in this show, amazed at the sheer number of guns, the kinds of ammo, and the other toys displayed. I saw a sign that said girl knives so I stopped to look. I thought "I didn't know they made knives just for girls!" Except it wasn't exactly what I thought. It was really just knives with pictures of scantily dressed women painted on them. Oh my. I'm sure I blushed.

There were big guns, little guns, old guns, new guns, knives that looked deadly, knives that looked decorative, brass knuckles, stun guns...I could go on. But that's not what I want to tell you about.

I came upon an exhibitor who had small cedar boxes, like for keeping jewelry, or old letters, or keepsakes in. I opened one up and the smell nearly took me to my knees. When I was about 10 years old (and my sister would have been 7) Daddy gave us cedar jewelry boxes for Christmas. They were a little larger than these and had a rounded top with a picture on the top. My sister still has hers but mine isn't with me any more. I have no idea where it is. I could have thrown it away or perhaps one of my daughters has it. I stood there and smelled the cedar and cried. And the exhibitor stood and patiently waited. He was a smart man - he knew not to question or to try to comfort me. He just waited. I bought two. Just for the smell. And the memories.

Farther down at another booth I found an old program that must have come from the Roy Rogers Museum. About the same age as above I was totally, completely, head-over-heels in love with Roy Rogers. My cousin, Carol, was in love with Gene Autry although I'm sure she couldn't possibly have loved Gene as much as I loved Roy. My grandmother used to give us quilts and send us to the front yard to play. Each quilt was a "house" for one of us. We had our dolls and we played for hours. I was Mrs. Roy Rogers and she was Mrs. Gene Autry. I left the program there because somewhere along the way the love of my life changed and Roy was just an old boyfriend. Thank goodness.

And for those of you interested I didn't buy a gun. Or a girl knife.


Tracy P. said...

There's a whole lot of irony in the short space between your post title and the first line. Funny! Glad you bought the box instead of the girl knife. ;-)

judycolby said...

Aren't old memories that hit you out of the blue just the best?

Sandy said...

I love memories from my childhood too...especially it seems the older I get!! I used to be Mrs. Hopalong Cassidy!!! Loved that cowboy and me in my cowgirl outfit.

Michelle said...

You make me smile and laugh, and so thankful I know you and can call you Friend.

Valerie said...

A gun show? Wow. My husband goes to those too. Last time he went he said it wasn't worth the money to go either but I think your 8.00 was worth it. Isn't it funny that you found precious memories when you went. That is the neatest story.

Lindi said...

I loved Wyatt Earp and Hop a Long Cassidy and the Lone Ranger as a kid, but I was never Mrs anything, I was always Annie Oakley! I was a bit of a tomboy, I guess.
I don't own a gun, or need one, but I love the craftsmanship and design in those old guns, and in some of the newer sorts. Knives and swords are more my thing, though, I think ladies on a knife would be rather taccky!

Marie said...

I have never been to a gun show, but I have been to the War and Peace show over here, which is probably very similar. I love how smells can instantly transport you to another time and place. Aren't we blessed to have this sense. I used to love Annie Oakley when I was a girl as well. I wanted to be her. I didn't have a gun though and still don't, and probably never will. Happy Sunday!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

It was meant for you to find those cedar boxes. Great story to share with all of us.
I too was in love with Roy Rogers.
Happy New Year

Connie W said...

A thoroughly enjoyable post :)

paula, the quilter said...

Smells are the fastest way to a memory. Roses bring back grandma. Old Spice = dad. Cigars = grandpa.

ShaquanaDancy said...
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Angie said...

I see you've got an idiot comment from some twerp with a chinese typewriter!!

My brother and his friends used to be a whole posse of cowboy greats and we girls HAD to be Annie Oakley! I could never twiddle my gun (a bit of wood) fast enough. Bruv used to be Dick West - remember him? Was he the Range Rider;s sidekick? Anyhow he had cornered the market on how to ride a horse right through the baying enemy without them seeing him!

love Angie, xx

PS Actually, I don't think they had much in the way of toy guns so they just used to point their fingers and go "Kuh - kuh, you're shot" then blow on their finger ends before moseying off to the camp where Calamity Jane had the dinner ready.

Grammy Staffy said...

I have never attended a gun show so I was glad to experince one through your eyes.
I have to smile at the thought of you looking a girl knife....Like you I had no idea that they made a knife just for girls...heehee..I wish I could have seen your face right then.

I'm glad that the show brought back some sweet memories for you. I just love it when that happens.

Happy New year dear.... may it be filled with many more good experiences for you

Jacquie said...

Oh, that sentence about you standing there crying got to me.

I had a little cedar box once that Dave got me at an air show - YEARS ago. I don't know whatever happened to it either.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I acquired 2 of the cedar jewelry boxes a couple of years ago and I don't know what to do with them. Its a long story but making it short I got elected to take the ashes of my cousin when she died. And when we were going thru her house there were 2 on her dresser. When her husbands son opened them he freaked out because one held her mothers ashes and the other her fathers. So I had 3 peoples ashes until we took them to Montana and scattered them on a river near Missoula I have the two boxes. I have a permit to carry a conceled weapon and have a small 22 pistol that has a pink handle. Very girly.

Molly said...

Every time I complain how hard it is to pick out a gift for my husband he acts as though there's no problem---"You know what I like----guns and knives!" Yeah, right!

nanny said...

Oh my I went to every Roy and Dale movie and cried everytime I heard Happy Trails!!! Matter of fact I have it on my Ipod...can't listen to it though cause it tears me up/ha