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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Smile

Grammy Staffy tells me that I make her smile. Hmmmm, I'm glad because joy is what life is all about and what God wants for us.

I guess she doesn't realize she makes me smile too. Read her August 26th post and you'll see why. (I tried to hyperlink and couldn't get it to work - blogger is raining on my joy!)

What made you smile today?


Lori said...

The guys I work with who can be an absolute hoot! Such different personalities, but a joy. And a new picture of my son, wife and grandbabies.

Tracy P. said...

Watching my birthday boy playing football--his first chance to run the ball, and a sweet, sweet victory. He's so happy!

Rose Mary said...

The cats playing on the porch, my youngest daughter finally winning a silly computer game she's been playing all week, and a peek of sun through the clouds!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Marlene,
Knowing I made another year.....

I hope you didn't get flooded.

Tricia said...

A student in my 2nd grade class told me an old knock knock joke

Southern Lady said...

You always make me smile, Marlene, but today I'm smiling because the sun is shining, we're going to celebrate my dad's 84th birthday today, and life is good.

Hope your weekend is good, too!



Twisted Fencepost said...

You make me smile, too!
Today, I am smiling because we are not gonna get the brunt of Tropical Storm Hannah!!!

Rue said...

Hi Marlene :)

Your last few posts made me smile. They always do ;)


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love those aprons...and that bean corn salad sounds divine...Off to get the stuff to try. Thanks.

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Marlene,
You continue to make me smile.

This morn we got up early to drive 30 miles to Claire and E.J.s school. It was grandparent's day.
It was great. Well worth the effort of attending. I smile because these 3 of my 11 grandchildren live near us. I smile because they adore us as we do them. I smile because spending time with them makes my whole day.

Hope your day is full of smiles too. Hugs, Lura