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Friday, September 19, 2008

Finished by Friday & Fall Decorations

After reading multiple blogs of clever people shopping yard sales and Goodwill and being completely jealous of their treasures I finally stopped in this week at Goodwill in my home town. And there I found this wood candle holder for 75¢! I brought it home, sprayed it with black paint and put in a candle I found hiding in my pajama drawer. Yes, my pajama drawer. Sometimes if I have a candle that smells really good, but that I'm not using right now, I put it in my pajama drawer, or my tee shirt drawer. The aroma when I open the drawer is delicious!

See this beautiful quilt hiding below the mess on top of it? This is called Forever Spring, because that's the way it looks to me. I made it in April, got it back from the longarm quilter last month, and put the binding on it this week. It is huge - king sized even though my bed is queen sized - and it is doubled there where you see it. We had a couple of cool nights this week, and I've been sleeping with the windows open, so it felt wonderful. The mess you see on the bed is a huge stack of photos I decided to go through today. I'm not sure why today. It shouldn't have been today. I had other things to do but I've been stuck in the middle of this for several hours and I'm ready to stack it all in the corner and ignore it for a while!

Remember the Jacks O Lantern from last week? The back is on, the tongues are on, the final embroidery is done and it's on the hanger on the door post that separates my living room from my sun room. You can see it immediately when you enter from the kitchen into that room and it just lights up the room. I do love it!

I decided this week to make some placemats and napkins. I found the dark green placemats at WalMart and bought the fabric to match. The leaf is appliqued on and the tab on the left is big enough to put the napkin and the silverware. A fun thing to do and pretty fast - I used Steam A Seam II on the back of the leaf and then did a blanket (machine applique some call it) stitch around the outside.

I couldn't find the rick rack I wanted and even though I got a great tip on how to dye rick rack (who knew you could do that?) after I posted last week, I had already found this ribbon which exactly matched the thread in the embroidery. It looks right at home in that chair don't you think? That's all the sewing/crafty things I got done, though I am working on a couple of other things. I spent the rest of my time putting up some fall decorations.

I put some fall leaves, some bittersweet and a small fall stitchery on the television cabinet.

These pumpkins and orange candles brighten up the mantel in the sun room. I'll have to take those off the fireplace insert if we get cold enough to light a fire but for right now they'll be fine.
A few fall leaves for my angel to enjoy.

My grandmother's treadle sewing machine is in the living room. The cornucopia and fall vegetables work well there I think.
I took off the blue and white wedding ring quilt and replaced it with this brown and cream snail's trail.
The living room mantel got some candles and leaves and bittersweet and pumpkins.

This little corner is one of my favorite places in my house. The embroidered verse was made for my husband when he was born nearly 64 years ago. I collect crosses so they're all over my house. And the little basket quilt done in fall colors I made a few months ago. That "antique" clock by the way is about 4 feet tall and everyone who comes in thinks it's very old and worth lots of money but I found it at Fred's Dollar Store!
I made this pumpkin quilt two years ago. It's very large and it's hard to find a place to really display it. Even on this wall I had to pin up the bottom row because that's where my return air vent is. The applique I did completely by hand but I had it machine quilted.
I made these placemats and napkins last year with some cute scarecrow fabric I found at a nearby quilt shop.
This buffet and hutch belonged to my husband's grandmother so I treasure it because of her.

I have a couple of Pilgrim couples that were my mother's and they go on these shelves. The ghost is an applique on a tea towel I did last year.


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Wow! That is the great pumpkin quilt we all started!!! How Cool!

Linda said...

Lots of goodies to see! I especially love the basket and pumpkin quilts.

Have a great weekend!

Twisted Fencepost said...

So many pretty things. So many pretty places. You really have a knack and crafty, too!

Ruthie said...

Such pretty decorations! Thanks for sharing them with us. I love how your brown and cream snails trail is hanging. I never thought to do that, instead, I always fold them every which way to fit. I love it!

Molly said...

Wow! And me? I finished one small little quilty basket......Not much, but it makes me smile every time I look at it!

Salem Stitcher said...

Your home looks beautiful! I love the leaves and bittersweet...oh, and the ghost! I LOVE the ghost!

The Texican said...

Hi. Glad you came by Pappy's Balderdash for a visit. Feel free to drop by anytime. All the posts are still available if you take a mind to go back in time for a read. Hope you find something you like everytime you drop by. Best to you, Pappy

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Your decorations are gorgeous...!!!

osagebluffquilter said...

Love all the pictures. Seems we both took pictures of our fireplace mantle today.

You were busy today!


sister sheri said...

Wow! You know how to decorate... I can't wait for Christmas!

Heather said...

I LOVED seeing your house!! There are so many special things to look at. Thanks for sharing.

His Doorkeeper said...

All your fall things looks great! You are a talented lady!

Thanks so much for your prayers as we leave tomorrow on our mission trip! We appreciate you so much!

Adrienne said...

Hi Marlene -
Your home looks so cozy and inviting. I just wish I was close enough to stop by - I would bring the tea and we could have a good, long chat. Your handwork things are wonderful. I need to get busy and make some fall placemats, pillows and maybe a little quilted wallhanging. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

Raquel said...

You do fantastic work! You inspire me. I especially like the new placemats that you made with the leaves on! Much love, Raquel XO

tipper said...

Marlene-everything looks so good. You are so talented at stitching and decorating!!

And it still pleases me that you liked my Angel enough to display her!

Rhonda said...

Looks like you're all ready for autumn. Very decorative and family friendly. It's great that you have wonderful memories of family.

Kentucky Bound said...

I LOVE all your fall decorations and quilts and antiques and . . . . . EVERYTHING! I am absolutely in awe of the mantle on your sunroom fireplace! We're in search of log or an old beam to use as a mantle in our livingroom. You've definitely givem me inspiration!

Blessings from the creek!


Ivory Spring said...


I love your fall decorations - especially the embroidered pumpkin pillow and the pumpkin quilt!!!

Marie said...

Marlene, I just love all your autumn decorations, especially the pumpkin wall hanging. It's adorable and I love the embroidered pillow as well. I miss having the time to do these types of things. I guess I will just have to admire yours from afar!

Marilyn R said...

Wow! It looks like Autumn has arrived at your house! Beautiful!!

Janet said...

I just love your pumpkin quilt, you are so talented!