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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home At Last

If you read my last post you know that I've been in San Antonio for the last several days. I went with my sister and spent every day in the Gonzalez Convention Center waiting for her while she went to class. I did that because I didn't think, scratch that, I knew she couldn't drive there and back by herself from our aunt's house 12 miles away. As I've said earlier, and repeatedly because that's a sign of my age (repeating things) (over and over) (ad nauseum), my sister doesn't multi-task well any more. And she darn sure can't drive on an unfamiliar interstate system, negotiate signs that are blurry at best (aging vision you know) and that appear to have been placed randomly by a drunk monkey, and chat on a cell phone making flight arrangements to a foreign country for the "destination wedding" of daughter #2 while drinking a McDonalds Iced Vanilla Coffee with extra ice, extra vanilla and extra cream (I kid you not that's the way she orders it) and eating a sausage biscuit. She can't do it and survive. Therefore, I went with her saying, go left here, turn there, park here. I sat in the coffee bar at the convention center gazing down on the Riverwalk.
I had the best of plans. I wanted to post every day in May and failed miserably because of that darn $12.95 a day internet fee at the convention center - and a few other life-got-in-the-way things. I planned to complete the holly block of Winter Wonderland. Failed at that, too. When you do redwork you end up with all these leftover snippets of thread, red thread. Red thread snippets have to be disposed of. I tried putting them all in one place so I could throw them in the trash but then someone would come along and put their newspaper down, or their coffee cup or their purse and threads would go flying. It's one thing to look like Pigpen with thread snippets all around you when you're at home. It's another when you're sitting in the middle of thousands of people in a convention center. So I read. I read a lot. I read great romantic trash novels. $4.97 each romantic trash novels at WalMart. It was mindless and it was no-brain-required. Don't you just love when you have a great excuse to read mindless and no-brain-required romance novels!
But now I'm home and it's back to reality. I've done the laundry, cleaned off my desk, balanced my checkbook (oh, no!), read or deleted the 139 e-mails waiting on me and spent hours trying to find a flight to Cancun (for the big wedding) that's not at 5:00 a.m. (an hour I hope to never see) and that doesn't cost more than my house. And tomorrow, barring any cataclysmic events, I shall be back at the sewing machine. Yea!


Purple Pam said...

So glad you are back. Now you can get back to work instead of just sitting around reading and drinking Chi Lattes.

Journeying said...

I love the Pigpen reference!! Just as he sometimes walks in the dust of ancient Egypt, you could be stitching amidst the detritus of the Victorian stitchers in love with the first colorfast thread.
Your descriptions are just marvelous!

Sharon said...

Love your story! You made me laugh out loud! Sounds like you made the best of things, sisters being what they are and all. And the Riverwalk isn't a bad thing to sit and watch. Hope you get to your sewing soon!

Adrienne said...

It sounds like you did just what you needed to do - nothing planned at all! Welcome back to real life now. I know you will get some things done that you wanted to do. ~Adrienne~