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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Learned a New Trick

Wow! Thanks to my new blogger friend (Marilyn) I learned how to put a picture with my blog instead of on the sidebar! That might seem minor to some of you but, trust me, to me it's a big deal! This is the book by Tricia Cribbs where I got my girl watering her flowers pattern. Hard to see but it's a good little book. I worked on it a little while last night and it's going pretty fast. Not a hard pattern at all which means it's simple enough to do while you're watching television. I would love to hear any suggestions for framing this for a pillow. I use turkey red and light yellow in my bedroom and that's where it's going.

This is the quilt that I have on my bed - it's a Yellow Brick Road using the turkey red and yellow and I made it several years ago but love it so much I refuse to change it out. My bedroom is so cheery with it on the bed!

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