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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I'm not sure why but I seem to have more Halloween decorations than any other holiday, maybe even Christmas!  I think it might be because there are just such cute things to make and they're so easy!  I'm pretty excited about this blog hop (a big thank you to Wendy and to Madame Samm for giving this one to us!) and can't wait to show you what I've made.  :)

I started out thinking I was only going to make one thing.  Just one.  Because I have lots of Halloween decorations and not much time...that's what I told myself.  I started out with a quilt - this strip quilt is similar to the sock monkey quilt pattern Carol from Just Let Me Quilt has on Craftsy.  I added borders to mine and I didn't do the quilt-as-you-go method (which I think she did).

 I used a strip from the front on the back because I just loved that fabric!
Well that was done and I had a few more days before the hop.  I was finishing up one of the Kathy Schmitz BOM embroderies so I decided he had to be added to the Wicked list too!

Tell the love that face, don't you?  :)

Okay then I just got carried away.  That happens to everyone, right?  I loved this pattern...I mean, it's wool so what's not to love?

And I was pretty sure one of my daughters needed a table runner so I made this one I call Black Cats on Parade.
It would look pretty cute as a seat cover on my redwood swing too, don't you think?
Now it was getting down to the wire but I felt sure I had time to do one more thing.  Just a small thing.
I'm not sure what he is.  Maybe a mug rug?  Or I could add ties and he could be an apron for the witches broom he's leaning against.  :)

Okay, I was done.  Over it.  Really, really, really done.  Except for this one problem.  I had so many leftover scraps from the quilt I started with.  And I felt like I needed to use up those scraps.  I mean wouldn't you need to use up those scraps?  So here's how they ended up...three pillows.  :)

Okay, I'm done.  Really.  Done.  But you're not!  You have more blogs to visit....and you're going to love what you see!

October 22nd
Stitchin By The Lake (you are here!)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wicked Is Coming!

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All of these wonderful bloggers have agreed to turn their porch lights on for you beginning midnight Eastern Time on the day they are scheduled to post their treats for us.  They have also promised to be sharing with everyone a Wickedly fun project created especially for this Wicked Blog Hop ... no tricks, again! ... what a treat {wink}!

Be sure and visit each and every one on the daily blog hop block, as some of them may choose to have a giveaway, while others may not, and you won't know who, until you stop in for a visit!