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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Who Says Retirement is Boring?

Certainly not me!  I have no idea how I worked as long as I did because there's far too much to do at home!  If I've not visited your blog I apologize - I try to get in a few reads every few days but I've not been very successful.  I'm saving them though so when I have an hour to sit I can go back and catch up on everyone.  :)

I've finished a few of my cross stitch pieces and can't wait to show you.  First up is this piece that is part of a collection....I showed you the large pinkeep by Scattered Seed Samplers a couple of posts ago.  This drum is done in the same colors and complements it beautifully.  I couldn't stuff mine quite as tight as she did but I love it just the same.  And take a look at the back of it - so beautiful!

This is the second piece from the Virtues collection that I stitched....can't wait to do the rest of these.

I don't remember what this pattern is called but I do remember that I only stitched the center part of it.  I wanted something that shouted spring and I wanted to do a quick stitch so this worked perfectly for that.  And yes the azaleas above and the Carolina Jasmine in this are in my yard.  Love them!

And this was a quick one I did for St. Patrick's Day.

Switching now to wool - isn't this the sweetest little church?  I put it on the lid of a basket.

I've also done some canning - needed to restock my pantry.  Ten pounds of potatoes -

Seven quarts of pinto beans -

And 7 quarts of chicken soup -

My BFF gave me some old glass jugs she found when she was cleaning out her dad's auto shop.  He had stored oil and other yucky stuff in them.  They are beautiful leaded glass and I have  no idea what I'll do with them but just couldn't see them go to the trash bin.  Here's a before/after picture of what they look like.

Got any thoughts about how to use them?

And lastly, I got to babysit with one of my granddogs for a few days.  Her name is Ellie, and when we made our frequent trips outside she made a friend, named Bingo.  This is Bingo coming to invite Ellie out to play.  I told him no, she's not old enough to see men friends.  :)

Hope you're having a beautiful week!