Don't let the difficulties of the present moments overshadow the reality of God's promises. God's promises still stand. And God's promises are stronger than our failures.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Thousand Blessings - Day 26

856.  Freedom
857.  Red, white, & blue
858.  The Flag
859.  Patriotic music
860.  Fireworks
861.  Family picnics
862.  Children running through the sprinkler
863.  Glasses of milk and plates of cookies
864.  Iced sweet tea
865.  Hot dogs
866.  Fireflies and children with jars chasing them
867.  Mosquito spray!
868.  Sunsets
869.  Summer rains
870.  Friends who use the back door
871.  Sanitation workers
872.  Friendly clerks
873.  Pedicures
874.  The sight of a teenage granddaughter holding the hand of her grandmother and chatting as they walk
875.  Birthday cards
876.  Little boys playing baseball
877.  Afternoon naps
878.  Blank pages in a journal
879.  Soft sheets dried outside on a clothes line
880.  Family reunions


Carrie P. said...

God is good.
Love sweet tea. Drinking a glass as I read your blessings.

Arkansas Patti said...

Those are just wonderful and really fit the occasion. These always make me smile.

Linda said...

What is it about blank pages in a journal that is so appealing? I love them too. I think it's the possibilities of what can go down on them or something. The anticipation of great things. (Hey, I can dream!)

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Thank you for this wonderful list ~ while I don't always have time to stop and comment, I always read it and appreciate each and every one!!

Have a great week! HUGS!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love your lists - of all in the group - the teen walking with the grand hand in hand just made me well.

Tracy P. said...

Yes, yes, yes. You are getting mighty close to 1000!

Julie Fukuda said...


Rose Mary said...

All beautiful things. I love sheets fresh off the clothes line!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

856, 869 and 872 are my favorites from this list. :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

Another lovely list of blessings. They are everywhere, are they not?

Anonymous said...

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Jacquie said...

I always love your blessings lists, Marlene. This one was especially good!