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Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Blogger

Remember when you first started blogging? And thought no one would ever read anything you wrote? I remember it well - I thought I was just writing for myself when little did I know God had plans for me to make friends with other women all over this country as well as several other ones. My sweet niece is newly married (well compared to me!). I think she's been married maybe 3 years (is that right Jen?). And now she has a new baby, Eli, who was born in September. She's a stay-at-home mom, is one of the most creative young women I know, and is working hard at being the woman God wants her to be. And now she is writing a blog. She would love it if you would visit, and leave her a note of encouragement. And I'd love it too.


Grandma Nina said...

Hi Marlene,
I just read your post introducing your niece to us. A daughter of a good friend of mine is also a new mother and new blogger and I am going to introduce them. I think you're right, this is the plan for us in our blogging.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

It is fun to read new blogs so thanks for sharing the link. I love blogging. For me it is a form of journaling that I hope encourages or informs those who happen to read my posts. I've really enjoyed the new friends I've met as well.

nanny said...

Will do.....Love to read new blogs!
Have a good weekend!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Hope your weekend is good.

Rose Mary said...

THank you for letting us know, Marlene. I'll head over and say hi to her.

brenco1 said...

I am on the way to Jen's blog and know if she is anything like her Aunt it will be a blessing to all who read.

Jacquie said...

Jen's blog was so sweet. I loved being reminded of the time of life that she is enjoying right now!!

Marge said...

Good morning Marlene,

I read Jen's blog and I predict she will soon have many readers, just as her auntie does. She sounds like a sweetheart, a niece to be proud of.

Blessings on your Sunday.


Debi said...

Thanks Marlene dear,
I also remember my first day. And it was very rewarding to find that someone else out there was listening. So I am off the read Jennifers log, she will end up on my sidebar to read for others too!
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day dear.
Debi xo

Debi said...

Marlene dear,
Thank you for stopping by for a visit! And yes the one thing KANSAS is famous for is it's wind!! lol I hope you are having a wonderfully blessed day dear.
Debi xo

kanishk said...

I've really enjoyed the new friends I've met as well.

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