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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Bouquet of Irons

Sew We Quilt is having the most awesome giveaway for Mother's Day!  Not one, not two, but three Reliable Irons!  You must go visit right now so you don't miss out on this one!

For those of you who might not be familiar with Reliable let me tell you about their product and service....from personal experience.  As most of you know I'm a faithful follower of Sew We Quilt and love, love, love the wide variety of hops there as well as the incredible giveaways Madame Samm has.  For the longest time I read her descriptions of Reliable Irons and entered every time she had one to giveaway.  Of course she has thousands and thousands of entries so I never won one but finally late last November I decided to bite the bullet and buy one for myself.  I've had so many irons and so little luck with them.  I know an iron isn't going to last forever but I at least expect good service when something goes wrong.  After buying three different Rowentas and never even getting a reply when I e-mailed them I knew I wasn't going that route again.  I ordered the Reliable V200 and fell in love with it...the steam is amazing!  Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago it developed a problem with the steam so I e-mailed the company.  Within a few days I had a replacement iron!  And I'm talking about a very few days!  They asked me to mail my old one back so they could investigate the issue so that they could use whatever they find to improve their product, and they trusted me to mail it back....they didn't wait to receive it to send me a new iron.  That service alone will keep me buying Reliable products.  So go on over to Sew We Quilt and try to win one for yourself....I know you'll love it if you win.  And if you don't win, seriously considered saving your money to buy one.  It's worth it!

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Apparently an iron isn't an iron isn't an iron.

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the information. I need to replace my iron in the near future and haven't been sure what I wanted. I think your testimonial says it all! I'm heading over to sign and see if - maybe - I can win one!