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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Didn't Sign Up For This....

the Say It With Flowers blog hop that is.  My work schedule at school, as many of you know, is so chaotic that I knew I just couldn't commit to this hop. It's been so long since I've gotten to work in the sewing room that this week my housekeeper texted me "it's no fun cleaning your sewing room any more because there's nothing new in there!  :(  "  How sad is that!  But today I actually got to spend an hour or two there making gifts for a couple of friends.  I decided that since I was there, and I was making something, it really should have flowers in it in honor of the hop!  So here's what I made - a couple of trash bags for their cars.

If you didn't see the bloggers yesterday you missed a real treat.  I'm adding the whole schedule here so you can go back and so you can keep up.  It's the perfect season for Say It With Flowers!

May 27th

May 28th

May 29th

May 30th

May 31st

June 3rd

June 4th


Michelle said...


Jeanie said...

I didn't sign up either..... just overbooked too... but I'm certainly enjoying visiting the other bloggers. Love your trash bags....that simple tab with the button is such a good idea. I don't have any place to attach one with a loop and this one would actually work for me like you show it in the glove box..... now I've got to add this to my "to do" list too! Thanks!

carla said...

Hi!!!! I didn't get in this round either!!! The hops are very fun to do and very fun to follow!!!! Love your pretty flowers!!!

InGa said...

Even if you are not in the hop, you make a very nice flowery trash-bag. What a good idea. ;-)

Garden of Egan said...

So very darling!!!!
Good for you for taking time to create something beautiful.

Felt good didn't it?

Madame Samm said...

Perfect for my car, they are i better get busy making one right lol

Vivian said...

Are you still acting principal or did the hire someone else?

Grammy Staffy said...

How cute. Hugs from alaska

Angie said...

Love those car trash bags. :)