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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Few Random Items

1. April 11 my contract is up with my current cell phone provider and I'm switching companies. I've been with this one a looooooong time but all my kids, grandkids, and friends are on another so I can save money if I switch. Of course, my plan is to buy an I Phone. Yes, I know that's going to cost me a lot of money but I'm going to have to use it for 2 years so I want it to do everything but mow the grass. Does anybody out there have one? If so, what do you love about it? What do you hate? What "apps" do you have and think I can't live without? And if I buy one am I going to be labeled as whatever they are calling the current now generation? Because I never joined the flower children of the hippie era, or got caught up in the me generation stuff, I don't think I've had a label. Except senior citizen. I got that as soon as I could so I could get a cut rate at the movies. Where I go once every three years. Without fail. Even if there's nothing good on. Just so I can get the discount.

2. I'm a southern woman born and bred. I don't wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. Ever. I always buy a new dress for Easter. Except this year (and maybe one or two other years when we were raising children and I could buy their new dresses or mine and you know who I picked). This year I bought pants. I looked in my closet and I have zero dresses and two skirts for summer. I just don't wear them any more. I wear pants for everything because even in the summer they keep the air conditioning down so low that I have icicles hanging off my nose in church. But now I'm doubly glad I bought pants because it's supposed to rain and be cold Easter Sunday. I'm thinking about wearing warmups to the sunrise service. I don't think there are any southern rules covering that. Except I know that it would be ok to wear white shoes with them. I'd love to have a hat because I just love hats but nobody wears them any more and I don't think a hat would look good with warmups.

3. Yesterday my grandson, Andrew, and I had a wonderful day. He is now 3 1/2 months old. It was beautiful, sunny and warm (unlike today when it is cloudy, rainy, and cool). We made a trip to WalMart, strolled around the neighborhood, and even went to the camper for a few hours. He loved camping. He slept 2 hours and 45 minutes there! My baby is better than your baby. And prettier too. :) Sorry, that just slipped right out.

4. Today I'm making homemade soup. Doesn't that sound good?


Adrienne said...

Hello, my friend -
I can't answer your IPhone question. I'd like to know more about them. So glad you're having a great time with your grandchildren and such fun with your new little guy!

Cindy said...

I'm a pants gal too. I don't even own a dress or skirt right now.

Jacquie said...

I still have my Blackberry, but my two sons are now using iPhones. They love them.

I'm more of a pants gal, than a dress or skirt gal.

Sounds like a great day with your grandson.

And, I'd love to have some homemade soup today!!

Tracy P. said...

You are too much fun, Marlene! I just tried on my Easter outfit. This year I actually got a new one! I haven't for about four years. Because I have this bad habit of finding a pretty skirt at a good price, and then I have to shop for something to go with it. I should absolutely know better my now. The money I would spend on a dress at regular price would not compare to the hours I spend trying to coordinate!

And of course, the top I bought has 3/4 length sleeves. It's never warm enough for anything less on Easter!

Tracy P. said...

And Heather over at Mindless Junque where I found you has an iphone. She loves you, and I'm sure she could whip out an ilove and ihate list in no time flat.

Amelia said...

Pants for sure --too cold for a dress - same as in our church!

Salem Stitcher said...

I'll be wearing a sweatshirt for the Sunrise Service and will probably have a quilt wrapped around me. Our sunrise service is on the beach and it's usually cold. But, in 25 or so years, it's never rained.

Anyway, I don't think God cares what we wear (as long as we wear something that keeps us modest). At least that's what I've been trying to convince my mother of since I was a teen and only wore jeans and t-shirts.

Dandelion Quilts said...

What kind of soup?? I love making soups. About a year ago, I started making soup. Then right before school started, I bought several varieties of canned soup for my lunchy. was awful. I couldn't believe it. I use to buy canned soup all of the time, but when you are use to homemade. . .nothing compares, does it?

Julie in the Barn said...

I have been away for 5 weeks and have missed your wonderful blog soooo much. Your posts never fail to remind me to be thankful for what I have instead of brooding about the circumstances in today's world that are beyond my control. Thanks once more, Marlene, for that gentle reminder. Now I must scroll back to catch up on your posts that I have missed while I've been gone. I expect to be laughing all afternoon!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I have a fancy do phone but not an Iphone so I can't help you there. I am with you on the pants too!

LOL I can't argue #4 until I see the ultrasound on Saturday and then I might be back to pick a fight!

Have a happy and blessed Easter! hugs, Linda

Gene Black said...

I don't have an iPhone, but I have used my Nana's and I love it. Sorry I can't help with the app question. The only reason I don't have an iPhone is that I can't justify the extra for the data service in this iffy economy. Oh, and I do have two iPods. LOL.

Be sure you buy a screen protector for your iPhone to keep the screen from getting all scratched up. My first iPod has a scratched screen. Lesson learned.

molly said...

Your baby may be good Marlene, but he couldn't possibly be better than mine! Please get your husband to take a picture of you at the sunrise service....your proposed outfit sounds intriguing!

tipper said...

Marlene-I love reading your thoughts-they always make me smile.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

My daughter loves her Iphone. She can talk on it with an ear piece and still get text messages and emails at the same time.
Maybe we can introduce our new grandkids to each other.
Have a great Easter!

Michelle said...

Dress? What's a dress? Whatever it is, I don't have one, and I don't want one!!!

Have a blessed Easter!

Angie said...

I bet it was chicken soup!

I only get a new phone when mine bites the dust and all I want to do on it is text occasionally and phone during the day using free minutes. All I really want is a phone that'l do those things but these days you have to have a camera on it and all the rest. I can't figure out how to send a photo to anybody anyway! My phone can get the internet but apparently I have to ask somebody nicely first and then hold a street collection to pay the bill.

I can't be bothered. Perhaps people like me might be called Technophobic Latent Luddites! You can be one too if you want.

Easter Blessings,
Angie, xx