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Monday, May 24, 2010

Seeking Advice

Wow - not many people actually ask for advice do they? But here I am asking my however many best friends what would you do....

As you probably know my husband and I are leaving in a few days for a 4 month missionary trip to south Louisiana. We will have a 2 room furnished apartment to live in. Oh my, do you think we can survive 2 rooms? for 4 months? Anyway, it has linens and dishes, a couple of twin beds, two recliners and a television with DVD player, a stove and refrigerator. A washer and dryer are down the hall.

My question....what are the critical things you think you would want to have with you if you were leaving home for 4 months? Oh I know my sewing machine, and several projects. That's the first to be loaded. But what else? Clothes...I figure several pairs of capris, a couple pairs of slacks and a couple skirts with shirts that will interchange. And then there's the shampoo and deoderant and soap and toothbrush. Plus whatever medications. Beyond that I'm stumped. I'm sure there's a lot I'm going to want or need after I get there but for the life of me I can't think what those things are! Help me out here - what are your "don't leave home without" things?


Becky said...

I've been thinking....came up with a couple of thoughts.

If you are taking your sewing machine and plan to do any sewing, if you have a portable Ott light I would take might be less than ideal.

Also, if I was going to be gone 4 months I would have to take my own pillow.

If I come up with something else I will post it.

I'm sure you will be blessed by your experience!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Your pillow is a must!!...and several good a laundry basket...they come in handy for lots of things....Good Luck!


Sunny said...

Camera.... dont forget your camera. I would think you would want some pictures to remember this trip. Notebook and pen? Maybe a good book for relaxing times...

From one who has lived for weeks ata time in a semi-truck with hubby, I know you can do it! Look forward to new adventures!

Cindy said...

Take along a few framed family pictures and maybe even a favorite picture from one of your walls and a favorite throw pillow to make the apartment more like home.

Cindy said...

and don't forget to have a vase for fresh flowers.

Mary L. Briggs said...

Definitely pictures of your family and maybe a few little items from your bedside table that you're used to seeing when you first wake up.

Lori said...

Family pictures would be first for me. After that, basing this on my volunteer experience in a Louisianna FEMA trailer...
A few suggestions might be
a crock pot
small microwave
tea kettle
If you will be cooking your own meals, maybe a small table top grill?
a small fan in case you don't need/want the air running or if it doesn't work well.
A clothesbasket for sure
The other thing I do as soon as we get there is to put up a fresh shower curtain but then maybe where you stay is fresher than where we do. It can be weeks in between teams for us and by the curtain can be moldy and nasty.

And remember no matter what you can always buy what you decide you need at WalMart.

Ruth said...

I would bring some light reading and maybe some magazines. Also, I would bring my Ipod, laptop, or if you don't have those, some CD's & a CD player. Comfortable shoes would also be a priority. Don't forget your umbrella!

Michelle said...

Don't forget your computer so you can let us know how you are doing!!!

Marge said...

Oh, bring your laptop, books and crock pot! We begin our month long campground hosting on Thursday. We will be living in our 30 foot trailer, so I totally understand your two room questions. I, too, bring my sewing machine and a few projects. I try to do capri's and jeans, with one kind of dressy pair of pants, and a black pair that I can wear to church with different tops. Lots of sandals, walking shoes, a jacket, etc. Just pack like you're going camping. By the way, where is your mission trip? I hope you'll be able to keep us updated. Don't forget any medications you'll need. Books, books, and books. Sewing, sewing and sewing. What else is there? Have a wonderful and spiritual uplifting time.


nanny said...

Pillow, blanket, camera, good books, and computer! We will be looking forward to hearing from you, if you can't take computer!
Louisiana is on my much more do they have to take?

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Your honey bunny.
Your sewing and stitching.
Your computer.
Your most comfy clothes.
Your smile.
Your humor.
Everything else is totally optional.
Have a wonderful time!

Lelia Chealey said...

Of course your Bible, and I would say family pictures too. A journal, unless you just use your blog for journaling.
Glade plug ins, something that smells like home.

Alice Grace said...

Books books and more books!

Jacquie said...

I was feeling bad for thinking "computer", but others mentioned it, so...

I agree that you'll want your own pillow, too!

Can't wait to hear about your experiences!

Purple Pam said...

Medicines and some good books. A journal, your camera. Your good sense of humor is a must! Good luck on your trip.

Marie Rayner said...

Primary Don't leave home without it thing . . . my scriptures. xxoo

Unknown said...

Don't forget the chargers for any of the electronic equipment!

God bless,

Elaine Adair said...

Lots of good suggestions - but I'll bet you can get by with less than you think! Of course, you will miss SOME Things but when you return home, you may want to do some downsizing, ya think?

Good luck!

Adrienne said...

It sounds like you about have it covered! Be sure to take things to relax after a long, hard work day. And, yes, by all means - your computer so you can keep us updated. I'll be praying for you!

Pat said...

Your photos of life are just so precious, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!

Christine said...

I think you've already thought of everything. You'll be amazed at what you can live without. :)

Love Bears All Things said...

once, while our house in Pennsylvania was on the market, we lived in a two room apartment in Tennessee where we had relocated. I had to decide what to take and believe me the car was crammed full. Of course the kitchen wasn't furnished so I had to take the necessary items to cook and serve with.
If you aren't going to cook, I suppose that wouldn't be a problem.
You might want to pack a flash light and a clock, books and music, your laptop, pillow and throw.
Mama Bear

Arkansas Patti said...

What an adventure. Be sure to bring your curosity.
Books, music, camera and laptop are important. You may be too busy to notice anything missing.
Hope you will be able to post and let us know what is happening. Libraries do have computers.
Have a wonderful and rewarding time.

Janet, said...

I think they have covered just about everything you will need. How about a flashlight and extra batteries and movies for your DVD player and healthy snacks. I hope you have a nice stay.