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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Laundry Multiplication

It's Sunday. Normally we don't do laundry at my house on Sunday. I believe that the Sabbath is the day the Lord set aside for worship, renewal, rest (bearing in mind that when I had children at home I didn't look at it in the same way at all). However, I haven't done laundry in 3 days. There are only 2 people living in my house so not doing laundry for 3 days doesn't seem so bad, don't you agree? Except, there's this principle that they didn't teach in algebra but which I've learned as life gets in the way of my doing what I want to do. Here's the principle: No Laundry (day 1) = a washer load or 2. No Laundry (day 1 + day 2) = a manageable amount of laundry. No Laundry (day 1 + day 2 + day 3) = enough laundry to outfit a small village. Exactly how does that work? One day = 1 outfit, 1 towel/washcloth times 2 people. Three days = 3 outfits, (+/-)2 towels and washcloths (I'm one of those who believes in watching out for our earth and so I reuse towels for at least 2 days, maybe 3). I know what I wear and it's not enough to outfit a small village so where are the rest of those clothes coming from? There's a laundry monster who lives at my house and his name is Husband. Enough said.

I've started a new redwork - a wonderful scene showing a young woman with her big brimmed hat working in the flowers. But I'm already thinking ahead to the Winter Wonderland pattern I have waiting for me. It's a Crabapple Hill pattern that I've seen done in red and I've seen done in black. Both were stunning. Has anyone seen this and do you have a favorite color for it? I'm really torn about this decision.

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diamondstatecurlygurl said...

Takes a very cool person to make a math lesson (w/algebra problems) out of a laundry discussion! trc