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Monday, April 28, 2008

Springtime on the Lake

I know I told you I hate rummage sales, and i do, but I thought you might want to see one of the pillows that I got for $.25! It was perfect for my old rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother. Don't you just love old things that belonged to your grandparents? I can remember my Grandma sitting on her front porch in this rocker shelling peas and making macaroni necklaces for my sister and me to keep us entertained on a hot summer day.

I got outside this morning and did some weeding in my "herb garden." I'm allergic to everything out there but it was just a joy to be outside. It's so annoying when your nose drips and you sneeze every other breath but at least my sniffing and sneezing kept the squirrels and birds entertained. I planted basil, thyme, oregano, cilantro, lemon balm and a couple of other things I can't remember several weeks ago. They're still alive despite the unusually cool nights we've had this spring so I had to rescue them from the nut grass trying to take over their space.

Those pesky squirrels might have avoided me this morning but a couple of weeks ago they pulled a screen thingy off (I guess it's got a better name than thingy but I have no idea what it is) and got into the attic again. My husband left for a short trip that next day but before he left he put rat poison up there. The next morning they had thrown the poison down on the deck, along with a piece of insulation! I haven't heard them up there since so I guess they must have sampled the poison before they tossed it away.

More later....

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Anonymous said...

What naughty squirrels! We presently have a raccoon that regularly attempts to break through the roof, we hear him start scratching at the roof at around 2am....good luck with those rascals! :)