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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thoughts on Organization

I did it! I got all the blocks to Winter Wonderland traced and ready to sew! Of course, now that means I have to actually sit down and do the stitching. Don't expect this one to be done in a hurry since there are 9 embroidered blocks plus several pieced ones but this is a start.

I was reading ufoquilter's blogspot today and loved her idea of putting monthly goals on her blog. (I'd put the link to her blog on here if I could figure out how to do that!) You should check it out....she has UFOs listed beside the month she intends to finish them. Maybe if I did that I'd get better at actually working on them. Wonder how many months/years that would be exactly......

A couple of weeks ago I actually spent some time getting more organized in my sewing room. My husband put some more shelves up for me (up above the closet doors) and since they're up high I have to use a stool to reach them but I store stuff on them that are "once in a while" things. He also put my television up high on one of those shelves that make you think you're in a hospital room. It's amazing how much more storage space that gave me. I even went through several drawers and cabinets and got rid of some stuff. The next item on the organizing agenda is to go through my stash and give away at least a fourth of it. I figure I'm 61 and I can't possible live long enough to use it all so I'll share with friends. And, of course, once some of it is gone I'll have some extra shelf space to put new purchases.....I'm not crazy enough to think I won't buy more fabric. It's an addiction I know and I'm just thankful it's fabric I'm addicted to and not something that's bad for my health. And I put UFOs in plastic bins and labeled them on the end so I can just look up on the shelf and find what I'm looking for at a glance. Once I did that I actually found the top of my sewing table again! Be careful if you decide to do this though. Now that I'm organized the guilt monster jumps on me every time I walk by there and I'm not in there working. And my guilt monster is bigger than your average guilt monster!

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