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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Apologies To My Friends

I am adding word verification back to my posts ya'll. I'm getting a lot of anonymous comments about wonderful money making ventures (if you're interested I'll point them your way!). I don't really like word verification though most of my blog friends use it. I want everyone to be nice and sales people to leave me alone but alas, that is not to be. Maybe I was just a little too "oh poor you, people are making nasty comments on your blog, they never do that to me" for my own good! :) Ever notice how when you get a little uppity you get zapped? :) So watch for the little weird words and letters to type in, at least for a while. Maybe the sales people will get tired and go away. Fat chance!

I've also started telling all the sales people and political callers who ask me how I'm doing that I'm terrible, awful, grumpy, and tired of phone calls. I say it in a nice voice - does that count? Bah humbug.

Actually I really do have the Christmas spirit, really I do. I just finished the cutest quilt for my youngest grandchild, but it deserves a post all it's own so I'll do that tomorrow.


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Well, you know me, I'm a sucker for a good WV. For instance, the one below is:

begonati, which is a pasta shaped like a begonia, of course

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I hate it too but I recently added it for the same reason.

Jody Blue said...

I do not enjoy it when my uppity brings me down to earth, I have much practice in that area:)Look forward to your quilt sharing.

Needled Mom said...


Pat - Arkansas said...

Hello, Granny Fran

Thanks so much for your visit to and comment on my blog; it's much appreciated. I always love to hear from other Arkansas bloggers.

I can't figure out from looking at the photos what lake you live by, therefore sort of locating where you live in Arkansas, so I'll give up and just enjoy your posts.

I'm very glad your daughter's surgery went well. I hope her recovery is uneventful and that she will be free of pain.

I'm getting a lot of unwanted telephone calls, also. On the bright side, at least some folks have a job, even if it's at minimum wage (at least I hope they are not working on commission because they would starve to death based on my responses.)

I admire folks who quilt (not one of my few talents) and am looking forward to seeing what you've done for your grandchild.

Wishing you a blessed and happy Christmas.

Oh! No! my word verification is "obesse." How did Blogger know that I just had two pieces of the chocolate fudge cake I baked yesterday afternoon? LOL :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

P.S. I've just scrolled down to your "Books Read in 2009." There are many similarities to my own taste in reading material. You've inspired me to start a "Books Read in 2010" for my own blog. Thanks for the idea.

Joy said...

Don't worry, sometimes the word verifications give me a bit of a giggle ~ he he, I'm easily pleased aren't I!!??!
Can't wait to see your grandchild's quilt, love kids quilts :o).
Joy :o)

Marge said...

Word verification or not, I'll continue reading you! And can't wait to see the quilt. I've kind of slacked off, but we'll be leaving for Texas soon, and I'll have the machine in tow! I get my best work done when he's out golfing and you can't really golf in Minnesota right now!

Merry Christmas my friend!

Mainly a midwife said...

I don't mind word verification. I think they are kind of fun.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Verifications are a necessary evil sometime. I got some awful posts on mine so therefore......I too love your books read and will add that to mine. We read alot of the same books. You get used to our winters Marlene, it makes up for it in the summer and fall in particular. And I could not take your humidity in the summer. Sheesh. Can not breathe. I think God puts us where we need to be. I ask Him often why am I so blessed to live in this country and not in some third world country. He is so good.

Mary L. Briggs said...

I had to go to it for some of the same reasons, Marlene. I think sometimes the words are pretty interesting. I've noticed they've started making them more 'pronouncable'.

Tracy P. said...

Doesn't bother me, Marlene. I don't blame you a bit. I was poking around in the settings recently and noticed that you can enable comment moderation (where you have to approve them) after the post is a certain number of days old (14 is the default). I've gotten some advertising comments recently, and realized that they are on older posts. I might give that one a try.

Cindy said...

I've been getting a few of those too. I just delete them from the comments.

Jacquie said...

I think I'm going to have to do that too... I've been getting lots of strange comments myself.