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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Word Recognition

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I was making some changes to my blog? And now you have to type in letters of unrecognizable words so my blog will know you aren't a spammer? Well I thought you might find it interesting to see some of the "words" I've encountered while reading blogs since then - and my interpretation of them!

1. Borma - If you like a girl, give her a whirl, but first get a Borma Shave
2. Parer - To peel potatoes with
3. Lariti - multiple lariats
4. Outanti - why are you telling Aunty to get out?
5. Bingor - Bingo! (with a Maine accent)
6. Hedattom - President of the Atoms
7. Sanest - The top category at the Insane Asylum
8. Germene - aren't all germs mean?
9. Emerlin - Merlin the Wizard's technology
10. Coger - A yankee cougar
11. Arein - The real spelling for R.N.
12. Solidit - Since when were T's hollow?
13. Noliv - Dead.
14. Codsmeti - Makeup for fish
15. Pafurs - pay first, then receive
16. Ophes - almost a curse (oh rats, oh darn, etc.)
17. Stogrowi - fertilizer for Sto's
18. Mahsipa - Short for Mississippi
19. Alilator - my three year old granddaughter's version of alligator
20. Crologin - I refuse to let a crow log onto my computer!
21. Meast - Again, my three year old grandaugther's way to say "I ask"
22. Baste - at last! A real word!

A couple of blog friends also told me they got these words on my blog:
23. Obesse - this one popped up right after she had a very large piece of chocolate cake!
24. Suckam - I'm not even going there!

Anyone have any "words" they want to share with us?


paula, the quilter said...

Sometimes the word verification eerily echos the post content.

BTW, a DSM is a domestic sewing machine.

Arkansas Patti said...

Now those are just too funny. You are so clever.
Today subra is facing me. Could that be a lucky bra a lawyer wears in court?

Needled Mom said...

Very clever!

I see my word is "dernad" today!

Jody Blue said...

My word today:
sesis-2 year old singing "Yes Sesus wobs me"

Elaine Adair said...

How funny! I HAD noticed the words were looking more and more like REAL words, and sometimes seemed to echo the comment.

Hmmmm, wonder who figured this mystery all out ...

(My word is "mistrat" ) See?

em's scrapbag said...

Very funny! Really enjoyed this!

Tracy P. said...

Today I had "doloiter" on one. Don't mind if I do! :-)

Rose Mary said...

I love Sanest!

Happy New Year's!!!

My word on your blog today is droin!

Milah said...

Those are hilarious!

I once read one that said, rurpent. I was like, okay God, now what did I do now?

Ha! Ha! My word verification now is....aness!!! Say that fast three times in a row!!! LOL!!!

Valerie said...

So cute. Who would have thunk it? Is thunk a word? Ha! Happy New Year.

Lissa Jane said...

I once had my name in the word verification.. LISSAKC (well KC has nothing to do with me but I thought it was freaky anyways)...

take care

word verification : myrolo... hmmm

Lindah said...

That is hilarious! Who would have thought.
My word is: inguit
Is that someone who lives in an igloo? No offense meant to anyone.

Happy New Year!