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Thursday, July 10, 2008

World Traveler and a Serious Post

This is sort of a serious post so there are no pictures but I hope you read it anyway. Friday morning I fly to Cancun to my niece's wedding. That's the world traveler part and not the serious part. She's getting married on Saturday, at sunset, on the beach so I'll be bringing pictures back with me. She and her fiancee are beautiful and sweet and smart and just plain good people. For one month when she was 8 months old this niece was mine. Because of a car accident the rest of her family was off in Texas and she lived with me. Needless to say she still is mine. I just can't miss her wedding.

I'm planning to eat guacamole and sit on the veranda and eat guacamole and luxuriate in my posh hotel room and eat guacamole. Maybe I'll have a little something to drink with it, but only a little. I'm going alone since my husband didn't think a weekend on the beach was the best thing for him - he's had melanoma cancer and the sun is not a good thing. But I'll be joining the sister I'm addicted to - Sherry - (see my post from Monday if you haven't read it) and other family members so I'm excited. My sister flew down today and my flight is at 6:15 a.m. Friday.

Now, here's the serious part. My brother, Terry, is having a triple bypass Friday morning while I am on the plane winging my way to Cancun. We are a family that loves and supports each other so Sherry and I both feel like dirt for not being in the waiting room for his surgery. Our other brother, Fred, will be there and, of course, so will Terry's wife and some of their children. That's not the same as me being there. That's not the same as Sherry being there. It's just not. There was really no decision to be made - my sister could not miss her daughter's wedding and neither could I. Irregardless, our flights were booked months ago and all plans finalized when Terry began to have problems that landed him in the hospital. He's had stents before several times but this is different. And we won't be there.

So if you would I ask for prayers (this is the serious part) for Terry, that he goes through this surgery with ease and has a speedy recovery and for a release from anxiety and fear; for all those who will be performing this surgery or caring for him during his hospitalization, that they will have oving hearts and loving spirits and that they make wise decisions for his health care; and for Terry's family that they will have strength and peace during this time.


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Just to let you know that someone in Tennessee is praying here in my neck of the woods...blessings and grace to all.

Grammy Staffy said...

I will surely remember Terry in my prayers. You go and have a wonderful time at your nieces wedding.

When I started my post last night I picked you for a meme. Then I remembered that Angie had already picked you. I will have to pick you for something different soon. I am anxious to learn more about you. I'm already in awe of all that you do. (I can't believe you like calc....the only math I liked was geometry...I'm not brainy enough for that higher math stuff)

good luck on your trip and best wishes to Terry

Suzanne said...

I will definitely do that. Have a wonderful time. Terry will be in good hands. But you knew that.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Pat said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with your brother. We all want to be places we can't be sometimes...and things go on without us, most times turning out well. There is lots of hope for let's think positive. Meanwhile, you enjoy the wedding and your niece's milestone occasion. Travel safe. Pat at birdnestontheground

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Marlene,
You have my prayers for Terry and for you and Sherry to ease your mind that everything is going to be all right. Best of luck on the wedding trip, I know Terry understands and he knows you are there with him. Take lots of pictures and relax.

Angie said...

Terry will be fine, I know it, but I understand his worry and fear - and yours. God's blessing on all of you. You and Sherry enjoy the wedding. That's what weddings are forlove, Angie, xx

Tipper said...

My dad had a triple bypass when I was in 5th grade-and yes I will say a prayer for Terry and his family.

And I will say a prayer for the 2 sisters that will be missing being with him too.

Lori said...

Terry and family is on my prayer list. Now you go on and have fun at your niece's wedding. It will be beautiful I'm sure!

PJ said...

Will definitely pray for your brother Terry. Also for you and your sister at the wedding, that you may have peace and rejoice at the happiness of your niece without guilt!!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

You will definitely have my prayers for your safe journey as well as your brother's surgery. I am so sorry you had to be in two places at once... it is impossible of course, so we all do what we have to.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Dearest Marlene,

My thoughts and prayers will be with your brother and family. xo

I have enjoyed your visits over at my blog! Congrates on your Blue Ribbon Quilt! Wow! I once won a Blue Ribbon for my pumpkin bread!

Talk when you get back from that very special wedding of your neices!


P.S. I love to hold June Bugs in my hand and can't wait for them to come out each summer!

Marie said...

I will definitely hold Terry in my prayers! I hope that you have a lovely trip and enjoy the wedding and that you are able to eat some quacamole as well!

Tracy P. said...

Praying for Terry!