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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's All About The Beer

First, just a quick reminder that the third post is up on my other blog:

My husband and I are traveling this weekend...we're headed to Abilene, Texas for a Volunteers in Missions training. Naturally as I made the travel plans I pulled out my trusty Quilter's Travel Guide. Several friends had mentioned going to Stitchin' Heaven in Quitman, Texas so I quickly looked to see how far off our path it might be. I suppose 'far off' is a relative term based on whether you're a quilter or you're not a quilter. Thirty miles didn't seem too far to me. :) My husband, bless his heart, doesn't mind at all when I want to make a stop, or two, at a quilt shop. He sits in the truck reading a book and every time I get back in swears I only stayed a minute or two. Now that's a good man!

Stitchin' Heaven is a nice shop with some beautiful fabrics, a lot of great tools, and a long wall of patterns to go with all the samples they have. The people working there were friendly and helpful and knew their stuff. I was glad I stopped. I found a couple of cute monkey fabrics that my friend Connie would love and bought two fat quarters of a fabric that had rodeo clowns on it. I have no idea what I'll do with it but it looked like something a little boy would love!

And to make the sidetrip even better we got to drive by a really great bass fishing lake that my husband had heard about and was excited to see. We noticed some RV campgrounds so I bet another trip to this little place will be in my future! It was a nice payback for him because he's so nice about my quilt shop stops!

We stopped tonight for dinner at a place called Humperdinks. It might be a chain - I have no idea - but I had a good hamburger there. It was a restaurant/brewery and there was a huge wall filled with different bottled beers. I had no idea there were that many beers in the world! And here's my question to you. Why in the world would there need to be that many different kinds of beer? Do you suppose they really, really all taste different? I mean I know there's a little difference in Coca Cola and Pepsi but really, how many different dark colas could there be if they all tasted different? And if you were trying to make them all different wouldn't the difference be so minute that you couldn't really tell it anyway? Obviously I'm not a beer drinker though I've had one or two in my life. And certainly I know the difference between Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. But hundreds of different kinds? I don't get it.


Mary L. Briggs said...

Sounds like a great shop you found! The rodeo clown fabric sounds cute and I'm sure you'll find something to make with it for a certain special little boy!

I don't know anything about beer, but it does seem like there could hardly be that much difference in all of them!

Needled Mom said...

Do you suppose it could be like the wine industry? Interesting.

I admire a husband who will stop at QUILT SHOP. Sounds like it was a fun stop. said...

Would you want to go into a quilt shop with only two kinds of fabrics. My guess is beer drinkers may be like that. Just a guess on my part.
Glad you are having a wonderful trip and I know you will blessed by your training.
The fabrics sound cute.

Unknown said...

You should see the hot sauce aisle at Jungle Jim's. I was asking myself that same question but only about hot sauce!

Marie Rayner said...

Oh, I just love Quilt Shops. Have a safe and happy journey this weekend! I don't drink any alcohol so I could not tell you the difference or why there would need to be so many, but I bet a beer enthusiast would be able to tell!

Adrienne said...

You and I are blessed with hubbies who are patient and wait in the truck while we spend time in quilt shops and other fun places along the way! Not everyone has such sweet guys but isn't it great? That shop sounds like a place I'd love to go. If I'm ever down that way I'll stop by.

Praying for you and your trip. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

well, i've only had 2 sips of beer my entire life...i don't know how i got to the 2nd because i had a hard time getting the smell past my nose!
but i like what brenco1 said.
to people who drink it, it must have a difference.

Cyndy said...
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Cyndy said...

Oh My! I almost fell out of my chair when I read your title for this post. And then after reading the first sentence, I nearly flew out of my chair! Since I live in Abilene, let me just Say, "Welcome to our little city in the great state of Texas!" If you need to know where anything is, or a good place to eat, just let me know. As for any quilt shops in the area, you're out of luck in Abilene!!!! We don't even have any good fabric stores anymore!

And we are in much need of some good rain like you had earlier in the week, so if you could bring some rain with you, I'd really appreciate it!

Enjoy your trip and your stay in our city! And really, if you need anything, let me know.

By the way, I've never even heard of Quitman, Texas, so I'll have to check into that.

Jan said...

Hey you and your husband sound like Maurice and I ,material for me and fishing lakes for him ,enjoy your trip Jan xx

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm posting a picture of the prize from your give away tomorrow.

Glad you got to stop at a quilt shop. Bet men think they're all the same. What a patient man you have!

Now about beer: I'm not a big fan of it but I know there is a difference between brown beer and the regular stuff. Newcastle Brown Ale is my favorite but it is so expensive that we don't buy it often. I will have a few sips if Honey Bear orders beer when we go out. We once went to a brewery similar to the one you mentioned and they had samples, even had a chocalate flavored beer. Huh!
Mama Bear

Janet, said...

My husband is like that, he'd take me anywhere I'd want to go. And as for the beer, who knows. I've never tasted the stuff myself. I don't know how people get past the smell of it.