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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Day, Another Quilt Shop

On Wednesday night we stopped in Arlington, Texas to spend the night. I told you about that on an earlier post, how we innocently stopped for dinner in a Restaurant/Brewery and I'd never seen so many different kinds of beer. For a person who might have one glass of wine a year that was a real eye opener!

But ya'll the next morning before we left town we made a quick stop at The Lone Star Quilt Shop. Well, I thought it was quick but I'm not sure what Jerry thought since he was waiting in the truck for me. The Lone Star is in an old house in a residential neighborhood and they had more stuff than I could take in. They had stuff in every room of that house, including the bathroom! In fact, I bought a couple of patterns out of the bathroom. :) If you like reproduction fabrics and/or primitives you would love this shop. They had some nice wools, lots of wovens, kits galore and samples hanging everywhere. They have some great Blocks of the Month (which you can find on the website if you're interested) and were just the friendliest people to work with. I suppose they would tend to be friendly though since I was standing there with money in my hand. :) In my defense I'm doing my best to help with my very own stimulus plan - our economy will be grateful I'm sure.

The rest of the trip to Abilene was uneventful and pretty quick. We have been participating in a Volunteers in Missions training at McMurry University and have met the nicest people. Not only am I going to have to live to be a hundred to do all the quilts I want, I'm going to have to be a hundred to volunteer in all the places I want to go! After I get home I'll tell you about this training on my other blog ( where I'm sort of journaling our mission trip experiences.

When I get home I'll post pictures of everything I bought - you're gonna' love it all!


Michelle said...

I can't wait to see your goodies! Have a safe trip home.

Unknown said...

Safe travel is wished for you. Hurry up so I can see the goodies!!!

Marge said...

I also stimulated the ecomony today! And I've already posted my treasures. Hurry and get home so I can see yours!


Amelia said...

Have a fun trip!

Adrienne said...

Can't wait to see your goodies and hear all about your trip. And I'm looking forward to learning more about your training and all the places you would like to volunteer. I'm with you - I could be real happy spending the rest of my life volunteering and going on missions trips! Wouldn't it be fun to go on the same one together? Now there's a thought!

BarbCarol said...

THANKS!! for the info about Lone Star House of Quilts. Patty and I will definitely visit this spring and summer. We plan some trips to Arlington for baseball and quilt shops this year.
I already joined the quilt shop's newsletter and membership programs. And did you know the lady who sent me their welcome email is Alice Cooksey?

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Marlene,
Sounds like you are having a great time and I can't wait to see your treasures. I'm so sorry the fleas came back.
Safe Journey,
Bonnie said...

Marlene what a blessing you are. Can't wait to see your treasures when you get back.
So sorry about the fleas - you have to be ever deligent as soon as the babies get to school.
Have a safe journey

Sharon said...

Glad you're having a fun trip and stimulating the economy! I did a little stimulating yesterday too. I tried to restrain myself and DH still thought it was a lot of $$! But I justified it by saying it was for the DGDs!

Sorry to hear that the fleas came back. Those are icky.

Stay safe and have fun!

Angie said...

I can tell you enjoyed your trip! Looking forward to seeing your treasures.
love, Angie, xx

Dionne said...

Awesome! I can't wait, on both parts!

Dawn said...

The quilt shop sounds so wonderful, I'm on the phone with the airline....ha.

Actually I will check out their website. Thanks for the heads-up. The place sounds like a definite destination.