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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Traveling With Joy

We're going on vacation. Now all you burglers and robbers out there don't get your hopes up. When you live on a lake you have all kinds of folks volunteering to housesit. So there will probably be more traffic at my house than when I'm at home! My 21 year old grandson is our housesitter this time and like most single 21 year old young men there's a young lady, and there are friends, and you get my drift. I'm good with that.

Back to the vacation. I love vacations. I don't want a permanent one but I do want one. Or two or three. But just like candy I think if I had twenty they would make me sick. I'm not sure of that but I think so.

Anyway, we're getting the camper ready. Or should be. Jerry washed and waxed it! It's all shiny and beautiful. Today I'll go out and assess the situation and see what I left in there and what I have to add. It will take several trips. First, clothes: We're going to a bluegrass festival in Winfield, Kansas where the weather is much like it is here. There it will be in the 70's and will require slacks and shirts and maybe a light jacket at night. Then we're off to Estes Park, Colorado where we will need sweatshirts, wool socks, hats, gloves, fleece jackets. For me anyway. I have a picture of Jerry and I the last time we went there; I had on jeans and a long sleeved shirt and a fleece jacket. He had on shorts and a tee shirt. Our internal thermostats are a tad bit different! Our kids laughed when they saw it and said, "that's so Mom and Dad!" They know us well.

Second: Decorating. I will put a wonderful heavy quilt on the bed, which Jerry will kick off the first chance he gets. So I'll add an electric throw to my side which I can turn on to "Roast" if I want. I will put a beautiful, decorative platter on the dining table, which he will promptly fill up with his change, his keys, receipts from the last three hundred gas stations, and a leftover sunflower seed. I will line up the throw pillows on the couch, put the basket/coffee table squarely in front of it with magazines spread artfully across the top. He will add three pairs of his shoes thrown haphazardly in front of it on the right end. I will line up my clear glass cannisters behind the sink, in order of size. He will put the coffee filters on top on one of them, and sprinkle coffee grounds in a trail from them to the coffee pot. We both make our own contributions to the decorating.

Third: Food. I like to plan. Can you tell? I will make a menu, gather the ingredients, make everything ahead of time that I can, and store everything in the cabinets. Jerry will eat. Oh, and change the menu one day into the trip. And snack. And leave the wrappers/bags/etc. on the table. They add to the decorating scheme.

When we get back I will have a birthday and we will have an anniversary. All in one week. I know you think the title of this post is all about our vacation but it's not. It's all about life. I will be 63 and we will have been married 45 years. This is a journey I have been traveling with great joy! While we are gone I will try to post about the trip but when we get back I will tell you all about how Jerry and I met and began this journey. You'll like it. I did.


Connie W said...

You and Jerry seem much like The Doc and me and your vacation is enviable. I miss the days we did our traveling by pulling an Airstream behind us. Going to a bluegrass festival is MY kind of vacation and Estes Park Doc's ... sounds wonderful! Safe travel wishes to you.

Michelle said...

I do think MOST men (I do know who a few are NOT this way)all operate in the same manner. I guess one cleaning and creating, and one totally destructing what we did just a minute ago, or spent all morning at, causes a balance in life, huh? Oh Lordy I get tired sometimes trying to keep up, but it's probably the only real exercise I get, so I should be thankful, right?

Have a WONDERFUL vacation, and I can't wait to hear all about it!
be blessed my friend,

Salem Stitcher said...

Oh, this made me smile. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary early. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

I think your husband and mine went to the same decorating school. I need to adopt your good attitude about it though.

Happy trails!

Tracy P. said...

This is so sweet. Obviously you learned to embrace his quirks early on and not get your undies in a bundle over it. It's too bad you can't wave a magic wand over every marriage around you and make that happen for all of them, but contentment is something we have to choose for ourselves. Have a wonderful time!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Have a wonderful trip - sunflowers seeds and all!

Marge said...

Your Jerry and my Ernie must be twins separated at birth! They are so alike....wash and polish the RV, deposit coins, keys and gas receipts in or on the most available surface, pile three pairs of shoes (or slippers) by the sofa, and make a trail of coffee grounds across the counter!

Have a wonderful vacation! I love Estes Park but haven't camped there in many years.

Travel safe, and be happy and blessed.

Marge said...

PS: We also have 45 years coming up this fall!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

We would love to go to a blue grass festival. I'm also interested in what kind of camper you have. You should post a picture of it. We are looking for a truck camper at a low price and considering other options too. We're trying to make a good choice that we can be comfortable with and not spend too much. I see you were 18 when you got married. Congratulations on your 45th anniversary! We just celebrated our 47th. I was 19 when we got married. We were high school sweethearts - were you? Have fun on your trip!

Adrienne said...

Oh, you get ready to travel with your trailer just the way I do! Hope you have a wonderful time away together. Happy anniversary. Bon voyage! ~Adrienne~

Needled Mom said...

Are we married to the same guy????? I can so relate to this post - especially the hot vs. cold part.

Have a wonderful trip.

Rose Mary said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Have lots of fun and take a lot of pictures. Jerry and my hubby have the same decorating gene!

Love Bears All Things said...

We are close in age and marriage time, just 3 years different.

I smiled as I read about the decorating. I came to Memphis to Honey Bear's hotel yesterday. I was online with my daughter shortly after. I told her I was about to shower because I had to do a little housekeeping when I got here. The room was much too cluttered for my taste. She thought that was funny. She understood completely. We do what we must to live with our loves.
I like reading about your camping. We are investigating popups for when Honey Bear retires.
We have a vacation planned in October. We'll be going to a cabin in the mountains. I have to start making my list for the same reasons as you. Have fun!
Mama Bear

Lena . . . said...

Ole belongs in that same group as far a "decorating" goes. I do get worn out, though, trying to keep up. Have a wonderful trip - I'll be looking forward to reading about it and seeing lots of pictures. Ole and I are high school sweathearts also - we will celebrate 43 years in the spring. And we'll be leaving for the Smokie Mountains in Tennessee/North Carolina in about three weeks. I can't wait.

Jacquie said...

Have a safe and fun trip!! Can't wait to hear about how you and Jerry met...

Valerie said...

Happy Pre Birthday and Happy Pre Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful trip. I want a camper so bad but cannot convince the hubby. Your quilt will be shipped out this week since you told me not to hurry. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. Be safe. God Bless you.

Traveling to Indonesia said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Nice!

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