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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Mysterious Bowl

My husband washes dishes for all the bereavement meals at our church. He loves doing that. Now lest you think he washes dishes at home, au contraire! (Is that how you spell that? And does it mean what I think it means? Like, no not ever?) Our church has a big commercial dishwasher thing and since he used to be a Superintendent of Schools and could often be found washing dishes in the cafeteria (in his shirt and tie) when they were short handed or running behind, it's right up his alley. He has experience! Besides that, he gets to eat all that good food that the church ladies send. I'll let you decide what his ulterior motive might be.

Last week he brought home this great big corning ware dish that had a piece of masking tape on the side with our last name written on it. And said, "Is this your bowl, cause if it is you've left it at the church for like a year and they're tired of it hanging around." Or something like that. I couldn't remember taking anything in my dish so he looked and sure enough...I still have mine. And I loooove mine. But now there's it's twin, which I could surely use, sitting there on the counter staring at me saying....You love me, you have my twin, you could use me a lot. Get thee behind me Satan!

That bowl is going back to the church today. Just because somebody with my same last name left it there like a year ago and apparently doesn't love it like I do or she would have gone to get it is no excuse. That bowl needs to quit whining.


Connie W said...

I see a similarity in my hubby regarding chores. Here at our home in Indiana he does not enjoy them but when we go to Kentucky he has so much enjoyment just puttering around in his shop and fixing things. There it's a hobby, an escape from his work.

Amelia said...

Having worked many a funeral dinner I know about dishes that have been left in the kitchen for a long period of time. But at least yours had a name on it (even if it was not yours) many dishes we get have no name on them. Later someone will ask about such and such dish - we tell them to look on the "lost and found" tray of dishes in the kitchen....hopefully it is there.

I am sure your husband enjoys the meal too...always some good food at these occasions.

Jacquie said...

Funny. On occasion, I have to print in our church bulletin for people to check the dishes that have piled up in the kitchen to claim theirs.

"Au contraire" - on the contrary. You used it just right!

Valerie said...

Oh how funny. Your husband washing dishes there and not at home is hilarious. Mine doesn't either! But the bowl whining and almost talking to you saying "keep me, keep me" is the funniest thing. Do you notice things like that happen all the time? It is all test, don't you think?? I sure want to pass the test and it sounds like you are gonna pass this one too. Get that bowl back to the church quick though. It sounds so tempting! You are a hoot.

Angie said...

That dish is trying to get its feet under the tble you know! Couldn't you maybe just give it a home. just temporary for now? What happens to the dishes that nobody ever claims? At our church you could make a little donaton to church funds and adopt it.

love, Angie, xx

Purple Pam said...

The bowl could go to lost and found, then you could rescue it and take it home with a clear conscience. Love your wool blocks.

Grammy Staffy said...

Your post makes me smile. You are so much fun. I would keep an eye on that bowl if I were you. It is probably the twin of your bowl that was separated at birth when someone else bought it before you bought it's twin and brought it home. It has probably been trying to get back all these years. If no one claims it from church soon, I think you should bring it home and give it love. After all, there is always room in the pantry for a long lost twin.

Have a great day. Thanks for your blog support. I appreciate it.
Hugs, Lura

Michelle said...

Send me a picture of it, and I'll scout out the Goodwills for one for you. You know I'll find one!
be blessed,

Michelle said...

I just checked your book list for 2009, and I want you to know that you have read more this year than I have read in my whole life! That's wonderful. I guess I'm just not a reader...but a listener!
be blessed,

Memaw's memories said...

We have a ton of dishes left at church all the time. I threaten to shop for shower gifts among the collection, but of course, that wouldn't be christian.

Some of them are really nice ones too, so the church secretary does the same thing and puts notes in the bulletin for people to pick them up.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

My hubby does the dishes when company is here and they think he is so wonderful for doing it. The joke is on them - he gets out of listening to their stories!!