Don't let the difficulties of the present moments overshadow the reality of God's promises. God's promises still stand. And God's promises are stronger than our failures.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Thousand Blessings - Day Eleven

342. Friends I've made here at Sager Brown

343. Yellow Hibiscus

344. WalMart

345. Football games on the big screen over in the gym - I have quiet time at the apartment!

346. Every new group of volunteers who come in on Sunday

347. Card games on the computer

348. Bath and Body Works Wallflower (plug ins with wonderful scents!)

349. Days that the water here doesn't smell so bad

350. Cooler temperatures

351. Knowing I get to buy a new car when I go home

352. Birthdays

353. Finding the zebra stripe fabric that I wanted in a wider fabric than I planned on

354. Pregnant women

355. This is a second time but I have two pair :) Sketchers Shape Up Shoes!

356. Hooded sweatshirts

357. Cinnamon flavored candy

358. Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffles Ice Cream Bars (2 weight watchers points)

359. Sewing machines that will free motion quilt

360. Text messages from my son the coach saying "we beat their b_____!" when I just knew they would lose again this week

361. College freshman grandson who likes it well enough to stay there for the weekend

362. Grandson who got 1st chair in his first tryouts (drums)

363. Granddaughter who loves the clarinet and is learning her 2nd song

364. College sophomore granddaughter who has only 14 hours to finish her Associate's Degree

365. Grandson who finished his Associate's Degree and has a fabulous job he loves

366. Granddaughter who loves dancing and being on the stage and dressing up

367. Granddaughter who memorized her first Bible verse last week

368. Grandson who runs everywhere he goes and smiles all the time

369. Children who give me grandchildren

370. Allergy shots

371. The bravery of young people who give the message at our Thursday night worship service

372. The Internet

373. Super B Complex Vitamins

374. Special Olympics

375. Golf Carts

376. Days when my arthritis isn't too bad

377. A husband who understands my need for sewing time

378. Young men playing basketball on the outdoor court next door

379. Police who stand out in the traffic and sun helping the people they serve

380. Seeing a wheelchair ramp my husband has helped build on a church near here

381. Joy filled Sunday church services

382. When the lost has been found

383. Hands folded in prayer

384. Embroidery thread that is rich in color and soft to touch

385. Valet parking

386. Red, White, and Blue

387. Banking online

388. Backpacks

389. The huge live oak tree in Baldwin, LA

390. Lancaster County, PA

391. Fountains that spray water and have enough room for me to sit on the side and put my feet in

392. Massages

393. Pinto beans cooked with salt meat

394. Cornbread eaten with the above

395. Negative CAT Scans, MRIs and XRays

396. People who feel blessed even when life is hard for them

397. Lost children who say "there's my Mama!" when they spot her a couple of pews back

398. Lunch after church with friends I've just worshiped with

399. My very own mansion in Heaven which is, I'm sure, next door to Mama and Daddy


Lindah said...

Marlene,I love your blessings list. Reading it makes me warm all over. I hope you don't stop at 1000! :-)

Jacquie said...

David's favorite meal is beans and cornbread...and of course he always likes a little salt-cured ham in his!!