Don't let the difficulties of the present moments overshadow the reality of God's promises. God's promises still stand. And God's promises are stronger than our failures.

Monday, September 6, 2010

One Thousand Blessings - Day Ten

296. Home
297. Friends who help you clean your house
298. Unexpected cool weather when you're expecting hot days
299. Grandchildren excited about new band instruments
300. Warm cookies and cold milk
301. Finding most of the pants in your closet are too big
302. Face to face visits with my children
303. Neighbors who rescue your boat when it breaks loose and you're not at home
304. Babies when they learn to squeal
305. Videos of babies squealing...and squealing...and squealing and knowing their parents are loving every minute of it even though it goes on and on and on
306. Bleach that makes my white clothes white
307. Saleswomen who are honest and tell you when something doesn't flatter you
308. Shark Steam Mops
309. Angel wing begonias
310. Fried catfish
311. Stitching with friends
312. Walks in your own neighborhood
313. Seeing flowers growing in unexpected places
314. Having a grandchild run and jump in your arms when they see you coming
315. Hearing one of your grownup children answer your question even when you both know they don't have to and you're being nosy
316. Days that are cool enough for you to have the air conditioner off in the car and just have the vents open
317. Faraway friends who make you a pillowcase with hunky cowboys on them - and even a cowgirl one for your husband - and mail them to you as a surprise
318. Bible verses that you've read before but never understood when they suddenly make sense
319. Hearing God say, "Follow my path" and then seeing the path clearly
320. Recycling
321. Lamplight
322. Soft blankets
323. Candles that smell delicious
324. The view out my kitchen window
325. African violets
326. A gazebo in a shaded yard
327. Luminaries at Christmas
328. Autumn decorations
329. Pumpkin cooked most any way at all
330. Pecan Pie
331. Lean Cuisines (especially after the pecan pie!)
332. Seeing the joy on people's faces as they arrive here at the mission
333. The smell of coffee in the early morning
334. Seeing a horse race across a field
335. Snow
336. A roaring fire when it's cold outside
337. Jigsaw puzzles on the computer
338. Puppies
339. The sound of waves hitting the shore
340. The Maine coastline
341. Leaves in the fall when they change color


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Marlene - love your list, it makes my mind think. Needing your prayer for a good friend of mine - Andi in Oregon. Her husband has been in a deep depression and left without his wallet or a coat, taking a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of sleeping pills and a pistol. He walked into the mountains on Friday. He has not been found.

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Marlene,
I just enjoyed #299 today.Our 10 year old E.J. just got his first trumpet Sat. He brought it over yesterday when he came to spend the night with us and played it much of the day practicing. What fun. He makes us smile.
I've never had #307... not because every thing I try on is is just because I don't ask or because our sales girls aren't as honest as yours.

What is #308? I think I am missing out because I don't know what that is.

Have a great week. Many hugs, Lura

Jacquie said...

Another great list. I LOVE pumpkin anything... are you having trouble finding it in stores again this year??