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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense

Yesterday I asked my friend Sylvia to come over to show how she makes flying geese with no waste.  I'm all about not wasting stuff.  So when I was gathering some fabrics to use when she came I found, guess what, a Lazy Girl Designs No Waste Flying Geese Ruler still in its cellophane wrapper with the price tag affixed.  Call me embarrassed.  And guilty - wasting money!  Has this ever happened to you?  Tell the truth.  You see something at the quilt show, the demonstration is awesome, you buy one with the best intentions, come home and forget you have it.  That's not the first time I've done that but I hope it's the last.  From now on I'm taking the cellophane and the price tag off at the quilt show and throwing it in the trash.  That way when I find it 2 years later I'll think I used it already.  Automatic no guilt.

We had a really nice conversation about God's sense of humor.  She (Sylvia, not God, though I hope God has too) has visited three different churches this last month and at every church the sermon was about extending grace to people.  Lo and behold, she has had many opportunities to practice what they preached this very week!  With me he's been discussing having a generous heart.  I do, really I do.  I promise I do.  Not enough apparently.  I need to be more spontaneous with my generosity and happier when I practice it and from now on I'm going to be better at it, just as soon as I can get my fingers unclenched in this tight fist I'm trying to uncurl.  :)

So, I have questions for you all.  The reason I wanted those flying geese is to add them to this panel:

I added a red border to it and wanted the flying geese to be next.  I have 3 sides of flying geese on so far.

I know the picture is crazy but I have it hanging loosley on my design wall which also has 5 million other things hanging on it.
Question #1.  I started out thinking this would be a wallhanging but now that I've gotten this far I think if I just another border or two or eighteen I'll have a quilt.  I'm thinking the third border should read solid but what color and how wide? The background of the Santa is green, the first border is red, the second border has a cream background with green geese.  How about navy?  And width, the first border is 3" wide, the second is 6".  If I went with Fibonacci numbers the next border would have to be 9"!  Don't know Fibonacci?  I'm an old math teacher...Fibonacci numbers are very pleasing to the eye and basically mean the numbers are the sum of the former two numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.)  That may make sense to no one.  So be it, everyone knows I don't make sense.  Just answer the question - two questions really - what color and what width?
Question #2.  The fourth border I'm thinking will be piano keys.  I have lots of coordinating fabrics I can do that with, but how wide should they be?  And what exactly do you do in the corners where I have the cornerstone blocks on the panel up there.  On a piano key border do you do the fabric strips all the way up the sides, then all the way across the top and bottom, or do you use a cornerstone block there too?
Last question.  What exactly definies a UFO?  I have several/lots of things the point that some seams have been I know those are UFOs.  But what about kits?  The pattern is there, the fabric is there, in my mind it's unfinished because I bought it and haven't made it and it's technically started because the pattern and fabric are there?  Is a kit a UFO or a NBS (never been started)?  I need to know this.  My brain won't leave me alone about it.


Patricia said...

It's beautiful, and the flying geese is the perfect choice. I know whatever you decide to do will be good. :)

Colleen said...

I love this as a wallhanging and would finish it as such unless you need or have a driving need to make a full size quilt. I think for a project to be a UFO YOU have to have done something. A kit is a kit until YOU do something to it. Fabric and a pattern are just that until YOU do something to them. Just my thoughts.

Lori said...

If you take the cellophane off your new ruler, you won't feel guilty that you didn't use it, you'll think you've lost your mind because you'll be trying to remember what you used it on when you didn't really use it after all. Whew! That's a mouthful!

Have fun with your Santa quilt. Adorable! I'm sure whatever you do will be wonderful. Don't you just hate it when people are that non-committal??? :)

Amy said...

Wow....that was a whole, whole lot!!! Ok, not cool with the ruler! Shame shame! I dunno about the borders, but I love the piano keys...I just don't know about the corners. :( I love the panel and what you've got done already though!!!!

paula, the quilter said...

Why don't you add another 3" red border, which in turn will make the flying geese look like they are bordered on each side with red. Then you can add another 6" wide border of piano keys. HTH.

Julie Fukuda said...

My, my! Since the Santa is a seasonal thing, I probably would use it as a wall hanging or small throw for the sofa. Easy to say as I have no wall space for hanging anything.
A kit is not a UFO. When I was in Washington D.C. this past summer, a friend gave me a kit she had aquired years before. That is the same friend who sent me the pieces for the anniversary quilt made in 2006. were they UFOs? No, they were re-homed.

Anonymous said...

I call them USOs - UnStarted Opportunities...same thing as an NBS...but then again, maybe I'd label my cross-stitch projects NBSes, for Never Been Stitched, since I haven't started them so they aren't unfinished, they're just patiently waiting and that way THEY won't be confused w/ the USOs...'cause my quilt kits will be stitched, yes, but by machine and that's sewing to me...stitching is when I'm doing the work by hand..........shall I quit now??? HA!!! Those folks out there that aren't 'in' to what we are and wonder what a FQ is don't know the half of it...there's BOMs, I just heard about BOWs - didn't realize some do blocks each week - hey, I can't keep up w/ my BOWs and think they should be BDEOYs!! (Blocks Done Every Other Year!) Eye, yi, yi I know I better quit now! Have enjoyed getting to know you via your blog, we share a beloved hobby, but more importantly we share the knowledge and gift of a Wonderful Savior! Sarah

Carol said...

Do you reckon all that swamp water we used to play and fish in has caused our communication skills to wander all over the page and airwaves?
I dearly love Fibonacci. It appeals to my OCD sense of universal order.
And, my artistic training, and of course my abundant talent, says stop right now on Santa. Less is always more. It looks great.

Michelle said...


Sunny said...

You have my head spinning! LOL! I like it with just the fly geese border and would leave it as a wall-hanging, but thats just my preference :)

Molly said...

Miter your piano key corners---end of problem!

Anonymous said...

I am with Molly! I have just discovered your blog and I hear some similarities between us and some not! But, I love reading your thoughts and I will be back:D